P. Filthy's Best Albums of 2013

I listen to thousands of songs every year. The albums that continue to keep my interest are normally on a short list. An amazing amount of excellent albums came out this year. Here's a list of the albums that kept me coming back for repeated listens. They are listed in alphabetical order by album title. I've never been that into rating art on a numbered scale. If you haven't heard some of these records I suggest downloading them or even better, purchasing them on vinyl. I feel the differences between all of these albums shows what a life-changing year I've had. My heart changed. I lost my mind and then found it again, then lost, then found: not sure if I've actually found it again. I'm hoping 2014 will be grounding in many ways. Keep an eye out for my favorite songs of 2013 in the next week or so. P. Filthy Loves You.

Chance The Rapper "Acid Rap" (S/R)

DJ Koze "Amygdala" (Pampa)

Autre Ne Veut "Anxiety" (Mexican Summer / Software)

Thundercat "Apocalypse" (Brainfeeder)

The Delta Mirror "Better Unsung" (Lightwave)

KMFH "The Boat Party" (Wild Oats)

Logos "Cold Mission" (Keysound)

Earl Sweatshirt "Doris" (Columbia / Tan Cressida)

Daniel Avery "Drone Logic" (Phantasy Sound)

Ryan Hemsworth "Guilt Trips" (Last Gang)

Gold Panda "Half of Where You Live" (Ghostly)

The Drones "I See Seaweed" (MGM)

Congo Natty "Jungle Revolution" (Big Dada)

DJ Mustard "Ketchup" (S/R)

My Bloody Valentine "mbv" (S/R)

Hyetal "Modern Worship" (True Panther)

Deerhunter "Monomania" (4AD)

Inc. "no world" (4AD)

No Age "An Object" (Sub Pop)

Danny Brown "Old" (Fool's Gold)

Darkside "Psychic" (Matador / Other People)

Disclosure "Settle" (PMR)

Savages "Silence Yourself" (Matador / Pop Noire)

Special Request "Soul Music" (Houndstooth)

Deafheaven "Sunbather" (Deathwish)

Omar S "Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself" (FXHE)

Boards of Canada "Tomorrow's Harvest" (Warp)

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