Carmine P. Filthy 'The Mayans Are Right' (DJ Mix)

Percussion Lab - Carmine P Filthy - The Mayans Are Right

Producers have been stretching the concept of genre and style for years now. Here's a selection of some tracks that I feel push the limits.

I had the idea of the last day of existence in mind when I programmed and mixed the set.

01. Holy Other 'Feel Something'

02. Gang Colours 'Dance Around The Subject'

03. James Blake 'Love What Happened Here'

04. Dark Sky 'Drowned City'

05. Obey City 'Snickers'

06. Worthy 'No cure'

07. Unknown Artist 'Sicko Cell'

08. Dexter 'Fat Skinny People'

09. A1 Bassline 'Falsehood'

10. Pangaea 'Hex'

11. Rockwell 'Aria'

12. Throwing Snow 'Too Polite'

13. Kingdom 'Hood By Air Theme'

14. Jacques Greene 'These Days'

15. Nicolas Jaar 'Don't Break My Love'