P. Filthy's Top Singles : 2011 Edition

As a DJ the single is still of major importance and as much as I love the dance / electronic full length; there's nothing like the effort and precision placed on a single (or 12" as we used to call them.) Not every single on this list is dance floor ready per se but, the essence behind a solid single is represented here. Expect to hear more than a few of these on my year end mix coming in the next week or so.

Singles of the Year:

Bass Clef "Rollercoasters of the Heart" (Punch Drunk)

Bass Clef - 'Rollercoasters Of The Heart' by BOILER ROOM

Black Rose "Anthem EP" (Made To Play)

Braille "A Meaning EP" (Hotflush Recordings)

Braille - A Meaning EP [HFT017] by Hotflush

Dro Carey "Night Raid EP" (Templar Sound)

TS005: Dro Carey - Night Raid EP by Templar Sound

Dro Carey "Candy Red / Hungry Horse" (Hum & Buzz Records)

Dro Carey - 'Candy Red' by BOILER ROOM

Eats Everything "The Size" (Dirtybird)

Extra Classic "Give Me Your Love" (Manimal Vinyl)

FaltyDL "Hip Love" (Ramp)

FaltyDL - Hip Love by RAMP / PTN

Gang Colours "In Your Gut Like A Knife" (Brownswood Recordings)

George Fitzgerald "Fernweh / Hearts" (ManMakeMusic)

MMAKEM001 - Fernweh / Hearts - George FitzGerald (clips) by ManMakeMusic

Girls "Love Like a River" (True Panther)

Jamie XX "Far Nearer / Beat For" (NUMBERS)

Julio Bashmore "Everyone Needs A Theme Tune (Original Versions)" (PMR Records)

Justin Martin & Ardalan "LEZGO" (dirtybird)

Lando Kal "Further / Time Out" (Hotflush Recordings)

Lee Jones "The Moose Mingles" (Aus Music)

Mosca "Done Me Wrong / Bax" (NUMBERS)

Oliver $ "Doin' Ya Thang EP" (Play It Down)

Salva "Yellobone EP" (FoF Music)

Yellobone EP / 12" [FoF Music] Released Nov. 15th by SALVA

Scuba "Adrenalin" (Hotflush Recordings)

Scuba - Adrenalin by BOILER ROOM

Sepalcure "Pencil Pimp" (Hotflush Recordings)

Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp (Official Music Video) from Hotflush Recordings on Vimeo.

Tim Green "In Love" (Get Physical Music)

Tim Green - In Love by Get Physical Music

TV On The Radio "Will Do" (Interscope)

WU LYF "We Bros" (L Y F)

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