Motel11 x Spoek Mathambo's "NOMBOLO ONE PROJECT"

With Nombolo One, Spoek pays tribute to the great musical tradition of his country, and covers well known South African classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. He brings it as a debut outing for his production crew Nombolo One (which includes Spoek himself, Theo 'Mthezo' Tuge, Ayanda 'Ayobah' Sithole). All the songs on this album are covers and contain absolutely no samples. Everything was played with love and reverence in a special Nombolo One style.

A Motel11 Roadtrip Tape
Produced by Nombolo One
Curated by one louder.agency
Illustrated by love & hate studio

01| Melodi Ft The Frown
02| Weekend Special Ft Okmalumkoolkat, Bra Solomon & Ayobah
03| Sfunabantwana Ft Okmalumkoolkat & Bra Solomon
04| Jacknife Ft The Brother Moves On
05| Burnout
06| Matswale Ft Syntax
07| Chapita Ft The Brother Moves On
08| Ibizemoyeni Ft Ayobah & Mthezo
09| Kazette Ft Syntax
10| Not Yet Uhuru
11| Waiting For Your Name To Be Ft The Brother Moves On
12| Follow My Teeth Ft The Frown

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