Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper) 'Leland' (Scissor & Thread)

lostfound (Matthew Herbert's Let Yourself Go Mix)

Brooklyn-based Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper) has just announced the release of his 'Leland' full length due for release Feb. 7th via Scissor & Thread. The album is a very personal one, recorded as a requiem for his father. Not completely straying from his more dancefloor ready productions the album still maintains rhythm with more depth and introspection.

'Leland' was mastered by Joe Lambert (Washed Out, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, etc). Harris has also announced a string of live dates under his Adultnapper alias, listed below, with plans for an extended North American tour in 2012.

Here's the video for 'Lost & Found':

Francis Harris "lostfound" from Scissor and Thread on Vimeo.

Francis Harris as Adultnapper - Fall 2012 Tour Dates
November 23- The Warehouse, Scissor & Thread Showcase - Washington DC**
December 1- The Warehouse, Miami Art Basel Show**
December 3- Vienna, Austria
December 16- Guayaquil, Ecuador
December 17- Lima, Peru
December 30- Cielo, NY
December 31- TBA New York, NY
Jan 3- Scissor & Thread Showcase BPM Festival, Playa Del Carmen, MX**
** Lightbluemover vs. Black Light Smoke LIVE w/ Anthony Collins DJ Set

Francis Harris - Leland
Out February 7th, 2012 on Scissor & Thread
Plays I Play
Living Lips
Of the Field
Pharoah In the Morning
Picture Us
Close Air
Whether Is Was

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