Ernest Gonzales 'Natural Traits' (Friends of Friends)

Ernest Gonzales is one of the greatest guys I've had the pleasure of booking. Last July he came through New Orleans under his Mexicans With Guns moniker and killed it two nights in a row. Now he unveils his gentler side with his upcoming full length 'Natural Traits' on Friends of Friends. Check a stream of a track from the album below as well as the remix he did for Sunny Day In Glasgow.

Ernest Gonzales
'Natural Traits'
Out 1.17, Digital/CD
(Friends of Friends)

1. The Prudence of Evolution
2. The Sentimental Sea
3. When Synchronicity Prevails
4. Peaks & Valleys
5. Beneath the Surface
6. The Heroic Lives of Particles
7. The Scattered Thoughts of Raindrops
8. The Voice of Fate (I ♥ You)
9. In The End
10. When Synchronicity Prevails (DNTEL Remix)

Ernest Gonzales - The Prudence of Evolution

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