Mexicans with Guns + Toy Selectah = Gun Selectah

Some new raucous from my boy Mexicans with Guns!

Gun Selectah - Como Un Perro by FoFMusic

Veteran San Antonio producer Ernest Gonzales (Mexicans With Guns) and Monterrey, Mexico's Toy Hernandez, a.k.a. Toy Selectah, take their mutual admiration for eachother's work to the next level by forming Gun Selectah. The unique collaboration fuses Latin influences like cumbia, 3ball, raverton with intense bass drops and raucous tropical drums blaps that has both artists exploring new sides of their already established sounds. With three exclusive cuts and remixes from Dutty Artz founder Matt Shadetek, LOL Boys, Hexadecible, and Peligrosa's DJ Orion, Sonora and others, the Gun Selectah EP forges a new bond in the burgeoning tropical bass music movement. Digital and 7" vinyl available September 27th on Friends of Friends Music.

Gun Selectah EP
(Friends of Friends)
due 9/27

1.Villa Ghetto
2. Como un Perro
3. Popping Wheelies
4. Villa Ghetto (LOL Boys Remix)
5. Como un Perro (Lorenzo Vektor Remix)
6. Popping Wheelies (HxdB Remix)
7. Villa Ghetto (Shadetek Remix)
8. Villa Ghetto (DJ Orion Remix)
9. Villa Ghetto (Sonora Remix)

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