FLASH BANG GRENADA [Busdriver + Nocando] "Beat My Bitch"

'LA luminary Busdriver and Low End Theory resident MC Nocando team up for '10 Haters' album ft. Del the Funky Homosapian and Open Mike Eagle as well as production from Nosaj Thing, Shlohmo, Free The Robots, Mexicans with Guns and more...'

Already sold on this pairing and the addition of all the producers behind this project. And what a sick name.

Flash Bang Grenada
'10 Haters'
Out 8/23
(Hellfyre Club)

1. Good Cop, Bad Cop
(produced by Dibia$e)
2. Beat My Bitch
(produced by Nosaj Thing)
3. I Can Teleport
(produced by Busdriver)
4. Moisturizer
(produced by Mexicans with Guns)
5. Aphrodite
(produced by E. Super)
6. Bernie
(produced by Busdriver)
7. In a Perfect World ft. Open Mike Eagle
(produced by Mono/Poly)
8. 10 Haters
(produced by Free The Robots)
9. Hyperbolic ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
(produced by Shlohmo)
10. Jimmy
(produced by Bloccade)

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