When I think of sitting in a gondola
Floating down a canal in Venice
Or tasting ceviche made fresh, beach side
When I imagine a time ready to bring a child into the world
Or just sitting in a park, listening to birds and watching trees cast playful shadows on the grass
When I dream of what I'll be like when I'm wrinkled and sturdy on a front porch
As the sun sets in the distance
Or jumping into a pool of water that's being constantly replenished by a roaring waterfall
When I want to dance and let it take me away from anything that's been difficult
When I remember the times I was happiest in that basement sanctuary in Brooklyn
What it was like to wake up next to you and immediately smile
When I recall how hard times were and how you were always by my side
No matter how I struggled or became upset or distant
Only now,
Do I love you more than ever before
Because nothing that I dream of, think of, or picture in my future is with you

I was too weak to hold tight to what was in our past, what the future had in store and mostly
I forgot how to hold on to you


Apparat 'Black Water' (Mute)

Berlin-based producer Sascha Ring has been involved in some of my favorite musical projects for some time now. Whether under Apparat, the electronic supergroup Moderat or his many collaborations with artists like Ellen Allien, he just doesn't seem to stop or lack for new and creative impulses.

On July 29th, the second single, 'Black Water' from the upcoming Apparat full length 'The Devil's Walk' will be released, with the album to follow on September 23rd via Mute.

The album was conceived on a trip to Mexico in early 2010. I can't wait for all the lush sounds that are sure to be on this upcoming fourth album from Apparat.

Apparat - Black Water by Mute UK

Albert Swarm 'Familialities' (Ceremony Recordings)

MP3: Albert Swarm 'Familialities' (direct link)

Falling somewhere in the digital soul and post-Burial movement, Albert Swarm makes provocative echoed electronics with non-desricpt vocal snippets that are more effective not understood than simply felt. Swarm's EP 'Held' will be released August 23rd on Brooklyn's Ceremony Recordings.

1. Homecoming
2. Foundling Wheels
3. Familialities
4. Aging Out
5. Recurring Dream

John Cale 'Extra Playful EP' (Double Six)

John Cale is set to release a five-song EP of all new material via Double Six, an imprint of Domino on Sept. 16th. If you don't know who John Cale is then I urge you to go do some research and find out.

You can listen to a sample of one of the songs here.

The tracklisting for Extra Playful is as follows:

1. Catastrofuk
2. Whaddya Mean By That?
3. Hey Ray
4. Pile A L’Heure
5. Perfection

John Cale’s first full length album for Double Six will be released in 2012. John will be performing at Field Day in London on Saturday, August 6th.


Her Space Holiday 'Ghost In the Garden'

MP3: Her Space Holiday 'Ghost In the Garden' (direct link)

Her Space Holiday
Out 8/16/11 on No More Good Ideas CD, Digital, Limited Vinyl
Anything For Progress
Black Cat Balloons
The Hummingbirds
Come On All You Soldiers
The Candle Jumped Over the Spoon
Ghost In the Garden
The Bullet, The Battle, The Trigger, The Barrel and Me
Death of a Writer
In the Time It Takes for the Lights To Change

Hess Is More 'Creation Keeps The Devil Away' (Nublu Records)

MP3: Hess Is More 'Creation Keeps the Devil Away' (direct link)

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and provocateur, Mikkel Hess has been hard at work on a new album since 2009’s Hess Is More - Hits was selected as one of Time Out Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year. Hess has evolved this genre-defying project, collaborating with local musicians and fellow Dane, co-writer/producer Rasmus Bille Bahncke for the past two years on the exhilarating new album, Creation Keeps the Devil Away, which will be released October 11th, 2011 on Nublu Records. The album was recorded, mixed and produced in New York at This Is Care Of studio, a multi-purpose space shared with Bahncke and creative art director Jacob Wildschiodtz. What they’ve created is a heady concoction of Hess’ blithe vocals, giddy electronics, funky, multi-ethnic horns and percussions, disco beats, and an assortment of bells and whistles that support catchy folk-pop melodies. In a live setting, Hess Is More becomes a powerhouse seven-piece band, balancing the spontaneity of of a Brooklyn warehouse rave with the complex scope of an orchestra. Magnet Magazine just premiered the thought-provoking video for "Creation Keeps the Devil Away," and the title track single is available for free download now.


Altern 8 "Evapor8"

It's just a freaking classic kids. You don't know anything about dance music if you haven't heard this track.


BRAINDANCE :: (A tribute to IDM) :: Aug. 4th :: NEW ORLEANS

We're taking you back at the top of next month when you used to only geek out to records from Warp, Planet Mu, Skam, Schematic, Tigerbeat6 etc.

Check the event page here to RSVP.

Four Tet 'FabricLive 59' (Fabric)

Sometimes a press release just worded it right the first time and I feel Four Tet or the compilations series needs an introduction.

"Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) adds something special to the FABRICLIVE series, with this the 59th compilation. The mix has a distinct narrative to it and unearths music that hasn’t previously had a great deal of exposure. This project for Kieran has become more than just the mix itself; it’s been an adventure into the past as he sought out not only classics, but searched for rarer tracks he may have missed at the time when he was immersed in the original 90s 2 step garage scene. The music is important, but the experience of finding so many forgotten records and producers became an intrinsic part of the story - meeting specialist record dealers, months of email exchanges with old friends and acquaintances, twittering, nights on discogs, dead ends and confusing leads. In the mix, forgotten gems reside next to current tracks that are dear to him and a number of his own tracks made specially for the CD - something he’s been doing for his DJ sets for many years. He’s also explored the idea of the club itself, sending his audio engineer friend Sasha Lewis to make field recordings from Fabric, which feature as a highlight and pause, breaking the mix into different parts - as if you’re moving within the clubs space to hear different DJs. In fact, the mix is somewhat topsy turvey, starting out fast and then slowing down.

The music ranges from experimental electronics, like Michel Redolfi’s ‘Immersion Partielle’ on INA-GRM that Kieran feels “isn’t the type of techno you get on a mix CD” to the wonderfully titled Crazy Bald Heads’ ‘First Born’ a great lost 2 step/ garage record. “It still sounds so fresh that if it came out next week everyone would flip out. I bought it from Sounds of the Universe in the 90s, it was sold into the shop direct from the producers. A label in London was trying to sign them at the time and got me to do a remix for a possible single. Everything fell apart though and the team of producers never did the deal and didn’t put out more records together as far as I know… so the remix never got released. Gilles Peterson had an acetate of it that he played on his radio show at the time”, and this unreleased Four Tet remix features later in the mix. Tracks like Persian’s ‘Feel the Vibe’ are preciously rare, a brilliant track that only came out on white label. “I don’t have a copy of this record and can’t find one anywhere. Persian wasn’t even able to sort me out with a vinyl rip or WAV of the track! In the end I found a guy on discogs called DaWreck who has a copy and he very generously ripped the vinyl for me so it could be used on the comp.” Classic grime came with its own set of problems, with Kieran buying up every copy he could find of Music Mob ‘Pulse X’ to find one clean enough to use for the compilation.

Favourite producers of the moment like Floating Points, Burial and Ricardo Villalobos sit next to UK funky classics like Apple’s ‘Mr Bean’, bought from a record dealer called Julien who specialises in UK garage, grime, funky, jungle… “He got me a nice mint copy of this. Apple then turned out to be really difficult to find to clear the track. We had loads of DJs and producers trying to find me contact details, the 4th email address finally worked, so thanks to Brackles and Funk Butcher for sorting it.” ‘Webers’ is an old Dan Snaith (Caribou) production, originally released under his Manitoba guise, “I remember us both being into tracks like Sticky – Triplets and So Solid Crew – Dilemma at the time and this track he did then that had a similar sound.” Making space between the music is Four Tet ‘Fabric’ “a collage of field recordings of sounds from in and around the club”. Going back to the 70s, ‘The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part Nine’ is by early moog user David Borden, a man ahead of his time. C++ ‘Angie's Fucked’ was a recommendation from “Trevor Jackson (one of my favourite DJs) at a club called Love in NYC a few years ago. Trevor released all my early records on his label, he was the first DJ I went to see play in a club and a big influence on me as a DJ.” Others like Active Minds ‘Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem)’ he heard on youtube and then tracked down the producer Jess Jackson, who’s now living in the USA as a successful hip-hop producer, but “I think the sound of this track is like a blueprint for so much music that's around now... the way the bass and vocals are used.” The final tune is Four Tet’s own beautiful ‘Locked’, typical of his deep melodic sound and the perfect way to send us out into the bright morning light of EC1, or where ever you may find yourself listening.

Interestingly, the entire mix is constructed on computer, more in the way you would create a film score than a DJ mix. Yet every track is vinyl, with Kieran cutting acetates of all his own music for the mix, to ensure that the sound quality and vibe is consistent. It’s then mastered with no cleaning or leveling, to retain the hiss, pop and crackle of the wax. It’s these slightly obsessive details that highlight why we have this Four Tet mix. For Kieran, to do anything in these days of overload - especially of DJ mixes, there must be a purpose, something unique to offer, and it’s these details that are so crucial to him. We hope that you delve deep into the music and take as much pleasure from this trip as we do."

"This mix is not about my DJing. It's about London and Fabric and nights out and my take on all that. The memories and the influences. I used old and new music, I used recordings of Fabric, and I made new tracks of my own for it. I hope people play it fucking loud and lose their minds in it and remember or imagine what it's all about."
- Four Tet

- - - - TRACKLISTING - - - -

01 Intro
02 Michel Redolfi - Immersion Partielle [INA-GRM]
03 Crazy Bald Heads - First Born [On-Tick]
04 Persian - Feel Da Vibe [Same People]
05 KH - 101112 [unreleased]
06 Youngstar (Musical Mob) - Pulse X [Inspired Sounds]
07 Crazy Bald Heads - First Born (Four Tet Remix) [unreleased]
08 Floating Points - Sais (Dub) [Eglo]
09 Apple - Mr Bean [Appsolute]
10 Manitoba (Caribou) - Webers [Leaf]
11 Big Bird - Flav (Urban Myths Remix) [Nice n Ripe]
12 Genius - Waiting [Kronik]
13 Four Tet - Fabric [unreleased]
14 David Borden - The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part Nine [David Borden]
15 STL - Dark Energy [Something]
16 Percussions - Percussions One [unreleased]
17 C++ - Angie's Fucked [Music For Freaks]
18 Burial - Street Halo [Hyperdub]
19 KMA - Cape Fear [KMA]
20 WK7 - Higher Power [Power House]
21 Ricardo Villalobos - Sieso [Cadenza]
22 Four Tet - Pyramid [Text]
23 Red Rack'em - How I Program [Bergerac]
24 Active Minds - Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem) [white]
25 Armando Gallop & Steve Poindexter - Blackholes [Muzique]
26 Outro
27 Four Tet - Locked [Text]

FLASH BANG GRENADA [Busdriver + Nocando] "Beat My Bitch"

'LA luminary Busdriver and Low End Theory resident MC Nocando team up for '10 Haters' album ft. Del the Funky Homosapian and Open Mike Eagle as well as production from Nosaj Thing, Shlohmo, Free The Robots, Mexicans with Guns and more...'

Already sold on this pairing and the addition of all the producers behind this project. And what a sick name.

Flash Bang Grenada
'10 Haters'
Out 8/23
(Hellfyre Club)

1. Good Cop, Bad Cop
(produced by Dibia$e)
2. Beat My Bitch
(produced by Nosaj Thing)
3. I Can Teleport
(produced by Busdriver)
4. Moisturizer
(produced by Mexicans with Guns)
5. Aphrodite
(produced by E. Super)
6. Bernie
(produced by Busdriver)
7. In a Perfect World ft. Open Mike Eagle
(produced by Mono/Poly)
8. 10 Haters
(produced by Free The Robots)
9. Hyperbolic ft. Del the Funky Homosapien
(produced by Shlohmo)
10. Jimmy
(produced by Bloccade)


Brown Bird "Fingers To the Bone" (Supply & Demand)

Brown Bird is a duo from Providence, RI. They are just another foot stomping example of how classic minstrel and folk music in the US continues to re-imagine itself for the eager ears from one side of the Mississippi to the other. Ears, that simply adore focused songwriting and the inherent ease that comes with enjoying it.

MP3: Brown Bird 'Finger To The Bone' (direct link)

Brown Bird's upcoming album 'Salt For Salt' will be released on October 18th, 2011 on Supply & Demand Music.

Here's the album cover illustrated by Will Schaff (Okkervil River, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Songs:Ohia).

The duo is currently on tour, so be sure to catch them when the mosey into your town.

Upcoming Brown Bird Tour Dates:

Thursday, July 14th - Housatonic, MA - Brickhouse Pub
Friday, July 15th - Becket, MA - Dreamaway Lodge
Saturday, July 16th - Williamstown, MA - Billsville House Concert
Friday, July 29th - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge (supporting The
Devil Makes Three)
Sunday, July 31st - Newport, RI - Newport Folk Festival (11:30am, Harbor Stage)
Saturday, August 13th - Providence, RI - Lupo's (supporting ZOX)
Saturday, August 20th - North Hampton, NH - Runnymede Folk Festival
Friday, September 9th - Montpelier, VT - Black Door
Saturday, September 10th - Montgomery Center, VT - Snowshoe Lodge
Friday, September 16th - Oneonta, NY - Oneonta Theatre
Saturday, September 17th - Alfred, NY - Alfred University
Thursday, September 22nd - Boston, MA - Great Scott
Friday, September 23rd - Portland, ME - SPACE
Monday, September 26th - Portsmouth, NH - The Red Door
Friday, September 30th - Philadelphia, PA - World Cafe Live
(supporting Dark Dark Dark)
Saturday, October 1st - Providence, RI - The Met (supporting Dark Dark Dark)

Com Truise 'Broken Date' (Ghostly)

MP3: Com Truise 'Brokendate' (direct link via Ghostly)

I've heard a lot of artists take an already famous name and twist it around slightly to create a new brand that is both familiar and memorable. Joy Orbison, Jichael Mackson, Ric Y Martin etc. Com Truise is one of the newest to pop onto the scene and his space age beats may not be approved by the Church of Scientology but, who cares if they are really.

His new album, the space age cheese sandwich- 'Galactic Melt,' out now on Ghostly, uses all those drum pad bursts and floating synths that made growing up in the 80's RAD.

The album moves from track to track like levels of an original NES game. Zelda meets Metroid in a face off against Mega Man. To some this may seem like we've all been there and heard this album before- that couldn't be further from the truth. This album is best experienced with headphones on a grey and rainy Summer afternoon with some form of relaxing extras. You catch my drift.

Catch Mr. Truise on tour currently across the US through September and pick up the album from Ghostly now.

07.08 Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
07.09 New Orleans, LA @ Republic
07.10 Tallahassee, FL @ The Engine Room
07.12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
07.13 Tampa, FL @ Czar
07.14 Orlando, FL @ The Beacham Theater
07.15 Atlanta, GA @ King Plow
07.16 Nashville, TN @ Exit Inn
07.17 Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
07.19 Charlottesville, VA @ Jefferson Theater
07.20 Washington, D.C. @ 9:30 Club
07.21 Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of the Living Arts
07.22 New York, NY @ Terminal 5 (DJ Set)
07.23 Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
07.24 Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
07.25 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
07.27 Montreal, QC @ SAT
07.28 Toronto, ON @ 69 Bathhurst
07.29 Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
07.30 Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theater
07.31 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
08.01 Cincinnati, OH @ 20th Century Theater
08.03 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
08.04 Grand Rapids, MI @ Intersection
08.30 Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
09.01 Dallas, TX @ Prophet Bar
09.02 Austin, TX @ Emo's
09.03 Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's
09.04 Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot (Ghostly Showcase)
09.05 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
09.06 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
09.07 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
09.08 Philadephila, PA @ First Unitarian Church
09.10 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
09.12 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
09.13 Montreal, QC @ Casa de Popolo

Vanguard Bots "LIFE IN PARADISE" (Subdrive)

Vanguard Bots - Life In Paradise by subdrive

First off, sorry I've been missing in action lately, even I need a break sometimes. You can always follow my interests and events via the good old fashion FB. Be my friend because you should never forget that P. Filthy loves you.

Here's a new slice of jazz-drop from the Subdrive crew. It's futuristic yet subtly classic; and makes me ponder all the late night bike rides through the thick humid air lie ahead of me this fine Summer- and it's shaping up to be a fine Summer indeed. There's a nice video for you too below.

Find out more about Subdrive here.