Sunday Ceremony (650th Post)

Glistening bike rides
In dense humid heat
Like school children
On summer vacation

Remember when summer was permanent vacation?
When school was out?

The pavement became cause for calloused feet
Grass just a bedding for romp
Garden hoses a savior

One day we become savage
For the devious nature of aging
A land to desire flesh and ideas
Instead of imagination
Now we have to slay the dragon
We can't just pretend we have the weapons
We have to believe we do

So we kiss like teens
And urn for our next tussle in the grass
Or beneath the sheets

I read you children's books
While you curl into my side

We giggle about beach trips together
We're both equally tripped by the other

Now we're fumbling with happiness
And anticipating our next embrace
Perhaps within a fort we've built
Or beneath a Willow tree

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