2002, 8:30 PM

Let me take a hit, tit, tit, ahhhhh!
Dance with the smoke that I exhale for you
Tap that light switch
Switch. Baby. Switch.
No turn. Shake.
Dip into me.
I'm gonna dip into you.
With the joint in my mouth, my mouth, my mouth...
With the joint and you.
You, in my mouth.
You've inhaled me into your mouth.
Cause that rat tat tat boom,
Makes me wanna get low with you.
Makes me wanna ratta tat tat with you.
So high...
Come closer.
Ratta tat tat boom.
Let me touch your thigh.
The hidden silk slip of your inner thighs.
Your thighs.
I wanna taste your smell.
That fragrance that drives me. Drives me.
I am mad for that smell.
I wanna know how you move to the rhythm just right.
Right. Right. Right.
Ratta. Tatta. Tat.
There it is.
That smell hanging around for hours after you're gone.
Gone after the tatta ratta tatta.

Mangled together, high and naked and beats fantastic.
High together beats mangled fantastic naked and and.
Naked mangled high and fantastic beats together and.
Together mangled naked and beats high fantastic and.
And and fantastic together beats mangled high naked.
Naked. And. High. And. Beats. And. Mangled. And. Together.
Together. Together. Together.

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