Tomorrows Tulips "Eternally Teenage" (Galaxia Records)

MP3: Tomorrows Tulips "Eternally Teenage" (Direct Link)

Alex Knost, formerly of Japanese Motors has a new project with girlfriend Christina Keyes called Tomorrow's Tulips. If this single of their forthcoming album 'Eternally Teenage' represents what's in store, then all of you Pastels and Heavenly fans out there are in for a flashback treat.


Night Drive

Just a tour after dancing
Blasting indie anthems
To balance the blood rush
In us and our parts

It fits
And that's all that...
Roadway brings,
Forth to us and our
Brief retort.

Matching each other
Set for set
But the bounce of the ball
Is like ballet
Or Lillet

Graceful and gradual
As I sip my Amaro
And soft acoustic sounds I heard many years prior
Play softly
Like the first time I decided to be alone
Long before you slipped into my life
Scattered stars in the sky
Or freckles down your back


Dutty Artz X Gold Coast Trading

NYC label and designer Emeka Alams team to release extremely limited edition snapback hat and T-shirt collection.

Get your here.

New Mix:
MP3:: Taliesin - Tropical in System Mix
This mix is all DA music to commemorate this awesome collaborative project. Mixed on a Jeppestown rooftop.

01. Knight Magic - El Baile De La Cumbia
02. Matt Shadetek - Beenie Eyes
03. Cauto - Bona Vida
04. Akon- Right Now (Na na na) (Chief Boima Mbalax Decale Remix)
05. DJ Rupture + Matt Shadetek + Chief Boima - Elegy for Mr Peach
(Rupture Remix)
06. Atropolis - NYChero
07. Shake Dem Dreads-Chief Boima
08. Jahdan Blakkamoore- Dem Nuh Like It (feat. 77Klash and Spoek Mathambo)
09. Blak Ryno - Nuh Tek Talk (Matt Shadetek DanceHallZone Remix)
10. Deb Cox- It's Over (Dubbel Dutch White Label Remix)
11. Nasty-J'reste Une Hard
12. Babylon Residence- Epikstar Riddim (Total Freedom's Monster Refix)

2002, 8:30 PM

Let me take a hit, tit, tit, ahhhhh!
Dance with the smoke that I exhale for you
Tap that light switch
Switch. Baby. Switch.
No turn. Shake.
Dip into me.
I'm gonna dip into you.
With the joint in my mouth, my mouth, my mouth...
With the joint and you.
You, in my mouth.
You've inhaled me into your mouth.
Cause that rat tat tat boom,
Makes me wanna get low with you.
Makes me wanna ratta tat tat with you.
So high...
Come closer.
Ratta tat tat boom.
Let me touch your thigh.
The hidden silk slip of your inner thighs.
Your thighs.
I wanna taste your smell.
That fragrance that drives me. Drives me.
I am mad for that smell.
I wanna know how you move to the rhythm just right.
Right. Right. Right.
Ratta. Tatta. Tat.
There it is.
That smell hanging around for hours after you're gone.
Gone after the tatta ratta tatta.

Mangled together, high and naked and beats fantastic.
High together beats mangled fantastic naked and and.
Naked mangled high and fantastic beats together and.
Together mangled naked and beats high fantastic and.
And and fantastic together beats mangled high naked.
Naked. And. High. And. Beats. And. Mangled. And. Together.
Together. Together. Together.


Ikebe Shakedown "Tujunga" (Ubiquity Records)

Ikebe Shakedown is a Brooklyn-based band that plays with elements of Cinematic Soul, Afro-funk, Deep Disco, and Boogaloo in all the right ways. Named after a favorite Nigerian boogie record (and pronounced “ee-KAY-bay,”), the group delivers a driving set of tunes featuring a mighty horn section anchored by tight, deep-pocketed grooves.

Go order this burner on 7" here. Limited to 500 copies.

Ubiquity Records will be releasing their debut LP on June 7th.

Live Dates:
May 20, 2011 - Sullivan Hall, NYC
June 2, 2011 - Webster Hall, NYC
June 3, 2011 - Burlington Jazz Festival at The Red Square, Burlington, VT
June 9, 2011 - Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY
June 10, 2011 - The Camel, Richmond, VA
June 11, 2011 - Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
July 1, 2011 - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
July 2, 2011 - Keegan Ales, Kingston, NY

Ikebe Shakedown - "Tujunga" by Ubiquity Records

Pictureplane 'Real Is A Feeling'

The man who coined the term 'Witch House' has a full length coming out July 19th on Lovepump United. This track blends the synths I grew up doing the frowning toe sweep to with the electro-pop that has dominated many an iPOD for the last ten years or so.

MP3: Pictureplane 'Real Is A Feeling' (Direct link via Pitchfork)

Pictureplane's new album 'Thee Physical' will be released July 19th on Lovepump United.

Flavor of the Smell

Highway traffic in the distance
Sweet weed smoke
Birds awake and chirping
Either too early or way too late

Scents can bring sense to a situation
A chance meeting perhaps
In a bar where people meet
Not all of them fuck
Some do

But that smell
An aroma that started this wild thing
And that your history baffles me
It feels like a teenage Summer in such a short time
The echo of possibilities is like din

And a truck rattles by on that highway
Delivering drugs to people
That couldn't handle feeling the way we do

Realizing it wasn't the scent I thought it was
But knowing in that moment
I wanted to taste you
And know the flavor of that smell


It Must Be

Wanting to relive past lovers

Watching romantic films
Wishing that character was you

Willing any memory
Suddenly having one creep into
Your consciousness

Hearing a favorite song
Tasting anything for the first time
The moment before a kiss
Deep eye contact with a stranger

Crickets and traffic at night
Salt water as far as your eyes can see
Laying in the grass
Peddling just to sweat
Then drying your face with your shirt

Not recalling the last moment
You looked at your watch
Or thought about what being small was like

It must be...
The reason to love again
The reason to cherish
It must be...
The story we write for ourselves

So we can enjoy the sounds of children playing
And the vast adventures that await us

Brush Strokes

Paint tomorrow
On my chest
Caged housing
Temporary tapestry

Bedtime stories
Sweat drenched sheets
Sketches of Spain
Doodles of us

Whispers with glances
Pressed pelvis plenty
Second helping

For each of your brush strokes
On the canvas of me

Stomach Aches

A tornado in my guts
And a smile on my face

Not butterflies
Vampire bats

Solar system magnetism
I am Mercury
You are the glowing center

It spins so fast now
The days shorter than I want them

But the heat
The heat is why I endure
In anticipation of the next tomorrow


Amon Tobin 'Lost And Found' (Ninja Tune)

Splatinum & Love and Light 'Let Me Ride (SplataLighT RemiX)'

Another Glitch Coast burner from the Splatinum boys. Perfect Summer jams for all you boom bap tweakers!

Let Me Ride (SplataLighT RemiX) - Splatinum & Love and Light by SPLATINUM

Upcoming Shows

5/4 Seattle, WA

Neumo's w/ KJ Sawka

5/6 Bellingham, WA

Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival @ Rumours

5/14 Portland, OR

Whiskey Bar w/Polish Ambassador

5/21 Seattle, WA

Dirty Velvet at ReBar w/Vibesquad

6/10 Bellingham, WA

Warehouse Party w/ Ana Sia

7/2 Lolo, MT

Manifest w/Freddy Todd, Bird of Prey + More

Ursula 1000 'Mondo Beyondo' (ESL Music)

Brooklyn based producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Alex Gimeno aka Ursula 1000 has a new album ready to drop August 9th on the always sleek ESL Music. All guitars, bass, electric sitar, organs, synthesizers, percussion, drum programming and electronic tonalities on the upcoming full length are played by Gimeno himself. The album features guest vocal appearances by Thievery Corporation chanteuse Natalia Clavier, Fred Schneider of the B-52s , Kingsized's Mike Geier, newcomer Gina Rox and French singer Isabelle Antena who is featured on the track available below.

Gimeno says that this track was heavily influenced by the first Deeee-Lite album- and guess what? It most definitely sounds that way.

MP3: Ursula 1000 '"Répétez Le Repetoire (feat. Isabelle Antena)" (Direct Link)

Upcoming Ursula 1000 Live Dates:
• Apr 30/Razzmatazz/Barcelona, Spain
• May 5/Sala Lopez/Zaragoza, Spain
• May 6/Vagon/Burgos, Spain
• May 14/Joshua Tree Music Festival/Joshua Tree, California
• Jul 9/Summer Stage@Central Park/New York, NY
• Jul 23/U Street Music Hall/Washington, DC
• Aug 6/Shambhala Music Festival/Salmo, BC Canada
Mondo Beyondo
Hey You! (feat. Fred Scheider of the B-52's)
Disko-Tech (feat. Ms. G)
Répétez Le Repetoire (feat. Isabelle Antena)
The Elegant Oracle
Tropicadelica (feat. Natalia Clavier)
Baby Laser Love (feat. Ms. G)
(You Can't Control) The Spectrum Soul
The Fly
Don't Get Your Panties In A Bunch
Red Hot Mama (feat. Mike Geier)
Graveyard Stomp

Ursula 1000 Website


Snare Thunder Claps

Rumbling thunder
Snare drum rain
Claps of electric tentacles
Slicing pictures on black back drops

I'm, alone and thinking of you
Waiting to dance in the pour
Or open our windows and make love to the soundtrack

Crawling into a bed
With your body there for capture
And my body still rain damp
And my lips still dripping
With your taste
On my breath and my mouth

We will float away
At some point again
Into sky chaos flashes
As our hearts feel
Just like the sky can explode
Anytime it chooses

Flush faces

Silk lips touch mine
The world vanishes

Entranced in a gaze
Dreaming another future

Warm days and hotter nights
Spent together
A chortle here
A passionate tussle against the wall
A long embrace lying tangled
In the grass

Waves crash against my minds shoreline
Its high tide for such a brief moment

Sand crystals of all the adventure we may share
My toes shuffle them

I taste the brine mist in the air on my tongue
I feel the sun kissing my neck and face

I miss those silk lips before I pull away to catch that gaze once more.

We are small and fragile.

We are bone and spit and night sweats

We are bruises and stink and flush faces

We are...