Big Easy by CPF

So this blog has primarily been dedicated to music and culture that I'm interested in but, I also write on the regular and recently I passed my one year anniversary living in New Orleans. It's been a very exciting and trying year that I am blessed to have had. I've made incredible friends and basically the party hasn't stopped since I got here.

Here's a piece dedicated to the city I now call home. Expect some more writing on the site from here on.

Big Easy.

Dusty 45s wobble spin
A forgotten machine
To old men drinking cheap whiskey
And an antique to babies born right now

The crossroads bring you down on your knees
a soul anthem about who's makin love
Demands to get up offa that thing
And dance to the music
A guitar player who died on stage has a real mother for ya

Ksst ksst ksst
Three PBRs

Dangling christmas lights
Smoke stained tiled ceilings
The crack of billiard balls
Cheers and hoots
televised sporting

Humming neon beer signs
Chu-chunk of cigarette machine selections
A round of blue shots for the cute girls at the end of the bar
Towering stacks of plastic cups
For drinkers on the geux or those not worthy of glass

This is our town
The city for the easy and sleazy
The cross dressing wrinkled punks
With snakes wrapped around their necks
The shrimping boat captains
Day labor strippers
And those who play jazz

Small time poets for hire
paint covered cursed artists
And the incredibly poor
No grave diggers here
But grave builders

Quarter dispensed handfuls of nuts
Black and gold flags

A town for fat tuesdays
And fatter wednesdays
A town built on food and soul
and bayou

Trees dressed in dangling plastic beads
Men dressed in elaborate feathered costumes
Built year long with painstaking detail

This is a city blessed and cursed
By its doing and worse
Whether crude oil sheen
or gun fights by teens
New Orleans
A city I'm now proud to call home

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