ADJ 'Hand of Mysteries' (Outside Recordings)

These tracks remind me of old Fuel Recordings tracks from 2001. There's a little bit of Tipper going on as well as that Merck records and Schematic sound that I love so much from back in the day. Check out two tracks from ADJ below.

MP3: ADJ - Refresht Beats (taken from 'Hand of Mysteries') (Direct Link)

MP3: ADJ - Divert Emotions (Direct Link)

1. Fawlty Mekanizms
2. Harvest
3. Lecky 24
4. Headspace
5. Peace
6. Renegade
7. Synth 1
8. Within a Human
9. Bomb Site
10. Hyroglyphic Transmission
11. Moving Target
12. Refresht Beats

ADJ @ Outside Recordings
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