TV On The Radio 'Nine Types of Light' Album Review

To say I love this band would be, simply an understatement. TV on the Radio have grown from their humble two-member original line up to a full line-up of five with contributors like David Bowie stepping into the studio too. They are a band that you need to grow with, a group challenging themselves as much as their audience and you can hear that effort on the records to boot.

Their newest album, 'Nine Types of Light' is set for release this April via Interscope/4AD and the past ten years have been good to the band sonically as their sound has grown into a genre all their own.

The album's opener, oddly named 'Second Song' builds and swings with echoes of INXS and Prince. 'Keep Your Heart' is another classic love dirge from the band, laying out a story of a hearts intentions.

Wild horn sections match the dual energy of Kyp and Tunde's tandem vocals on 'No Future Shock.' The album was recorded out in California and you can almost smell the Pacific in each song- just the gentle kiss of salt water on your lips as you glide over cliffs and shoreline with the 'Killer Crane' and its wilting string section.

Whether it be a synth-laden driving song or an aggressive holler, the band has created a watermark on music for years to come with their infinite types of light.

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