Mark E 'Stone Breaker' (Spectral Sound) :: Release Date :: 16 May 2011

If you're into quality House music, then chances are, you've already caught a few edits, remixes or original productions by Wolverhampton-reared, Birmingham-based DJ/producer Mark E. Last year, his stunning remix of Matthew Dear’s “Little People (Black City)” introduced him to the Ghostly/Spectral fold and now the label has arranged for the release of his debut full length 'Stone Breaker.'

With the return to classic and precise production coming from producers like Mark E, Nicolas Jaar, Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap- it would seem House music is reaching back to its roots, which makes me want to throw my hands in the air and thank the heavens we are finally getting over the progressive/electro garbage that's been flooding the culture for the past ten years.

I am looking forward to this album and I think you should too.

Big thanks to Spectral for releasing this album on a double LP, something they failed to do with 'Black City.'

- - - - TRACKLIST - - - -

VINYL TRACKLIST (Vinyl comes with CD version of album)
A. Archway
B1. Belvide Beat
B2. Quatro
C1. Got To Get Me There
C2. Deny This
D. Black Moon

01. Archway
02. Black Country Saga
03. Belvide Beat
04. Quatro
05. Got To Get Me There
06. Deny This
07. Black Moon
08. Oranges
09. The Day

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