Groundislava (Wedidit Collective)

Groundislava is an up and coming producer from the depths of Los Angeles, producing stutter step 8-bit beats to help cruising in the warm weather that much easier. His debut album features remixes from Young Montana?, Clive Tanaka and guests Shlohmo, JonWayne and Jake Weary. The only thing that remains a mystery to me is whether I'm supposed to write his production moniker as one word or three.

After a well-received free EP giveaway in early '11, Groundislava's self-titled debut LP + 7" is scheduled for release on 4/19 through the always on point Friends of Friends Music label.

Groundislava - Animal ft. Jake Weary by FoFMusic

1. Pregaming The Rapture
2. Panorama ft. Jake Weary
3. A Grass Day
4. Young Lava
5. Final Impasse
6. The Dig (Digital + 7" only)
7. Animal ft. Jake Weary
8. Shlava ft. Shlohmo & JonWayne
9. Stealth River Mission
10. New Flesh (Digital only)
11. Gravity Hoarding ft. Jake Weary
12. One For Her
13. Animal (Young Montana? remix) (Digital only)
14. Panorama (Clive Tanaka y Beaunoise remix) (Digital + 7" only)

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