Psymbionic Remixes Trillbass & The Glitch Mob

It's no surprise that glitch hop, dubstep and all forms of Bass Music continue to expand and gain momentum across the US. Hip Hop was born in the US along with Electro. Combine the two classic genre and you get the cresting wave of electronic music crashing from coast to coast.

From press release::
'To kick off the release of Trillogy No.1 the right way, Trillbass is giving away a glitch hop remix from their colleague Psymbionic of the tune 'Chief Rocka'. Trillogy No.1, due out March 10th, marks their first release on Trillbass Digital, and is the first of a 'trilogy' of albums, due in April and May respectively. Recently Trillbass put out an exclusive mix for future bass label Made In Glitch, which showcases many of the tracks forthcoming, as well as tunes from ill-esha, Your Dirty Habit, and Psymbionic. '

Trillbass 'Chief Rocka (Psymbionic Remix)' (Direct Link)

The Glitch Mob 'Drive It Like You Stole It (Psymbionic Remix)' (Direct Link)

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