Kyle Andrews and his SushiDanceParty

Kyle Andrews "Sushi (Slow Dancing at the Prom)"

"Real Prom Dancey-Dancey" is a dance partner simulator designed to recreate the dream-woozy feeling of slow dancing with your sweetheart. Featuring "Sushi (Slow Dancing At the Prom Mix)" by Kyle Andrews, users can choose between 4 unique dance partners and let their imaginations create the ultimate slow dancing simulation experience.

This kid just writes perfect Indie Pop songs. They remind me of my permanent soundtrack via mix tapes my high school sweetheart would make me.

Inventive music videos aren't new for Kyle Andrews. He got himself on the video map with the YouTube Mosaic for the original version of "Sushi" in 2009. It's a digital piece of art that was made from 1.4 million tiles, and thousands of unique and clickable YouTube video stills. The Guggenheim Museum praised it on their Biennial of Creative Video shortlist. In 2010, the video for "You Always Make Me Smile" was a viral hit, breaking the world record for largest water balloon fight and gaining over a million YouTube hits in just under 2 weeks. The SushiDanceParty.com experience is just another taste of what Kyle Andrews has up his sleeve.

His debut full length "Robot Learn Love" will be released in Summer 2011.

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