The Beat Generation 10th Anniversary Collection: Mixed and Compiled by DJ Spinna & Mr Thing

The Beat Generation series is one of the strongest and most diverse created within Hip Hop. It's no surprise that a label as focused and thorough as BBE is behind such a series. With an A&R approach of 'do what you want' towards each artist, the end result has continued to be raw and inventive. The series has seen original full length from Hip Hop legends like Marley Marl and Jazzy Jeff; left-field experimentalists like King Britt, DJ Spinna and Madlib; and outright pop stars like Will.i.am.

To mark the Tenth Anniversary of this compilation series BBE enlisted the programming and mixing talents DJ Spinna and former Scratch Pervert and DMC Champ Mr. Thing to wrap the best of the best into a mixed CD.

I'm highly looking forward to this comp.

BBE releases The Beat Generation 10th Anniversary Collection on March 29, 2011.

Check out this dope track listing below.

01. Madlib The Beat Konducta – Stop
02. Pete Rock - Nothin' Lesser (featuring The UN)
03. Madlib The Beat Konducta - What It Do (featuring Talib Kweli)
04. Marley Marl - Big Faces
05. Dj Jazzy Jeff - My Peoples (featuring Raheem Devaughn)
06. Pete Rock - Pete's Jazz
07. Jay Dee - African Rhythms
08. Marley Marl - What Ruling Means (featuring Kevin Brown & Grap Luva)
09. DJ Spinna - Drive (featuring Shadowman)
10. Madlib The Beat Konducta - Go! (featuring Guilty Simpson)
11. Dj Jazzy Jeff - Are you ready? (featuring Slum Village)
12. will.i.am - Lay Me Down (featuring Terry Dexter)
13. DJ Jazzy Jeff - Rock Wit U (featuring Erro)
14. Dj Spinna - Surely
15. Pete Rock - Give It To Y'all (featuring Roc Marciano & Trife)
16. Jay Dee - Beej-N-Dem Pt. 2 (featuring Beej)
17. Madlib The Beat Konducta - Blow The Horns On 'Em (featuring Guilty Simpson)
18. Marley Marl - Live Ova Beats
19. Dj Jazzy Jeff - We Live In Philly (featuring Jill Scott)
20. DJ Spinna - All Up In it (feat. Eric Krasno & Neal Evans)
21. DJ Jazzy Jeff - A Charmed Life (featuring J Live)
22. will.i.am - Money (featuring Huck Fynn, Oezlem, The Horn Dogs)
23. Marley Marl - Hummin' (featuring Roy Ayers and Edwin Birdsong)
24. Jay Dee - Rico Suave Bossa Nova
25. King Britt - Spaces (featuring Quasimoto)
26. will.i.am - Lost Change In D Minor
27. King Britt - Transcend (featuring Bahamadia)
28. Dj Spinna - Idols (featuring Vinia Mojica)
29. Larry Gold - No Stoppin' (featuring Black Thought, Gene McFadden & John Whitehead)
30. Dj Spinna - Love is Sold (feat Abdul Shylon)
31. Jay Dee - Big Booty Express
32. DJ Spinna – Rock (Unplugged)
33. King Britt – Cobbs Creek (featuring De La Soul)
34. Pete Rock – To My Advantage (featuring Nature)
35. Larry Gold – All That You Are (featuring Kindred The Family Soul)
36. DJ Spinna – Galactic Soul

37. Various Artists - The Beat Generation Continuous Mix by DJ Spinna
38. Various Artists - The Beat Generation Continuous Mix by Mr Thing
39. Various Artists - The Beat Generation Continuous Mix by Chris Read

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