Record Label Records Presents: Electric Carpets (Featuring Kush Arora)

'Electric Carpets' is distinguished by its electro acoustic beats, and what RLR likes to call 'post IDM.' Consider it dance music for your subconscious.

RLR has compiled new & exclusive works from acts on Hymen, Ant-zen, Phthalo, Acroplane, Skam, Tear, Highpoint Lowlife, Sub Rosa, and Important Records as well as its own cast of artists.

This compilation is also the RLR premiere for Scuzi, Terminal 11, Not Breathing, Exillon, wAgAwAgA, Dr. Strangeloop, BD1982, Future Image, Dimentia & Identity Theft.

Electric Carpets Cast: Kush Arora, Cubus, Dr. Strangeloop, Kcinsu, William Braintree, Future Image, Identity Theft, Kossak, Scuzi, Brian E, Exillon, Dimentia, Not Breathing, Terminal 11, BD1982, Fluorescent Grey, Mike Dunkley, wAgAwAgA

Kush Arora 'The Hacker 2010'::
Kush Arora - The Hacker 2010 by KushArora

Electric Carpets Mashup Mix::
RLR21 V/A - Electric Carpets - All Tracks Mashup by Fluorescent Grey

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