Rainbow Arabia

Anthemic. Timeless (For those into music produced between 1980 and right now). Ready to be filed as a 'best song of 2011.'

The beats are skinny and precise. The vocal delivery: in your face and aloof at the same time.

This is POP. I'm a sucker for it in the right moment just like the next guy but, if you've bobbed your head to The Knife, The Ting Tings or The Blow in recent years then give this one a listen.

Rainbow Arabia has a press release that promises diversity. Apparently their upcoming album, 'Boys And Diamonds' (Released on Kompakt Feb. 28 (Abroad)/March 1 (US) will delve into "Arabic disco-dancehall jams sitting alongside sunnier moments with Caribbean and African flourishes." I don't necessarily find that evident from this preview single but, I do hear one fantastic song produced by this Los Angeles based duo.

I'll be giving the album a deep listening session; you can count on that.


01. Boys and Diamonds
02. Without You
03. Nothin Gonna Be Undone
04. Blind
05. Papai
06. Jungle Bear
07. Hai
08. Mechanical
09. This Life is Practice
10. Sayer
11. Sequenced

Without You

(7" single out Feb 22nd worldwide in Kompakt)

A. Without You B. Without You (Version)

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