Jay Haze 'Love=Evolution' Final Album

Jay Haze has announced that 'Love=Evolution' will be his final album, an announcement that many a band and artist have attempted before and few have succeeded. Whether you know his work as Sub Version, Fuckpony or under Jay Haze, you know there is top notch production techniques and innovations around every break and turn. His final full length will be available via his imprints Contexterrior/Tuning Spork this February.

01 Love=Evolution
02 Tonight feat Laila Tov
03 Soul In a Bottle feat Big Bully
04 I Wait For You feat Laila Tov
05 The Darkest Disco feat Ricardo Villalobos
06 You Drive Me Mad feat Sao Paulo Drum Circle
07 Feel The Electricity feat Rockey
08 I Need A Lover feat Chela Simone
09 I'm Riding High
10 The Light feat Paul St. Hilaire
11 Time To Explode

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