Salva 'Complex Housing' (Friends of Friends Music)

Salva has been at the game for minute. Based out of SF but raised during the Trax 80's of Chicago-Salva has a depth of musical knowledge and influence most guys can only dream. Producer, DJ, Promoter and label boss of Frite Nite- Paul Salva is finally ready to drop some full length knowledge on us with 'Complex Housing,' his debut full length album due out in Feb. on Friends of Friends Music.

Call it Future House, UK Funky or whatever new micro-genre a blogger invented ten minutes ago and somehow Salva is tapped into the forward movement of dance music. Check out the single 'Blue' from his upcoming release.

Salva 'Blue' (Direct link via The Fader)

'Complex Housing'
Out 2/8; Digital + Vinyl
(Friends of Friends Music)

1. Beached
2. Wake Ups
3. 40 Karats ft. Zackey Force Funk
4. Keys Open Doors
5. Issey Miyake
6. Baroque
7. I'll Be Your Friend
8. Icey
9. Weird Science
10. Blue
11. Wake Ups (B Bravo Remix)
12. Keys Open Doors (MachineDrum Remix)
13. Blue (My Dry Wet Mess Remix)
14. 40 Karats ft. Zackey Force Funk (Lando Kal Remix)

Big Ups to Lazybrow and the rest of the FoF crew.

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