Music: 2010- Carmine P. Filthy's Loves, Lusts and Last minute romances


This young and unassuming British boy won my heart over in near orchestral movements this year. Every few years I fall for a new artist as hard as I fell for James Blake. Klavierwerke EP, CMYK EP and The Bells Sketch are essential dirges to the last decade of music and beyond. Sampled vocal snippets, that you faintly remember hearing once before but, probably haven't, weaved within bottomed-out bass lines and synths from Wonderland. His debut self-titled full length will be released on Feb. 7th. That date just can['t arrive quickly enough.

James Blake

P. Filthy's Album Picks: (In no particular order)

So rather than min-paragraphs waxing on about the wax that made me pay closest attention this year, I am instead opting for the often ignored album cover this year. Some of these covers tell you exactly what they are while others are as obtuse as the music contained within. I am still a massive vinyl collector and more than a few of these album covers can be found in my crates.

Overall this was an adventurous year for music and myself. I made the journey to New Orleans to live here back in the Spring. I've enjoyed many of these album riding my bike through city park or down to the F.Q. for some record shopping and beer drinking. I played some of these records at Voodoo Experience, at The Saint, in my house in Mid City and even opening for Matthew Dear on his first New Orleans appearance which I helped coordinate. This is a perfect town for musical freedom and experimentation. I am looking forward to the coming year and what it has in store for me. Much love to the Crescent City and all the people I love here. You know who you are.

P. Filthy's Favorite Gear of the Year:

The TMA-1 by AiAiAi are the pair of headphones I've had designed in my head since I started DJing. Minimal, effective, sturdy, noise canceling and plenty of delicious mouth watering BASS. I have zero problem singing from the mountain tops about how amazing these headphones are since all DJs seem to inevitably end up with the same pair on.

And considering Matthew Dear, Claude Von Stroke, 2 Many DJs, Hot Chip, Flying Lotus, Kode 9 and Koze just to name a few were directly involved with the development-you don't really need my stamp of approval.

AiAiAi Website


Thanks for reading over the past year. It's been the most effective year for me sharing what I'm down with and what makes me nod and smile once more just like it was happening for the first time.

Carmine P. Filthy

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