Kotchy 'Two' (Done Right Recordings)

I've always been a fan of anything that combines intricate production qualities with R&B and Soul stylings. I've always taken to calling it Digital Soul. Kotchy is a master of this genre weaving the boom-bap of artists like J Dilla with the funky swing of Prince. His second full length 'Two' is due out in February. Here's a mix tape and a recent remix he did for Starkey.

Starkey - Ok Love (Kotchy Remix): "Starkey - Ok Love (Kotchy Remix)"

Out 2/1/11
(Done Right Recordings)


1. Sometimes I Get Down
2. Getaway
3. Good Luck
4. I Left New York
5. Helicopter
6. Coffee Breath Kisses
7. Anywhere
8. Don't Go
9. Work It Out
10. What Have I Done With My Life
11. Coin Collectors
12. Bandwagon
13. New Addiction
14. Care Free
15. We Don't Need A Crowd

"I found a bag of records being thrown out on the street, flipped through and made a joke it seemed like part of what would have been Janine's (the secretary and girlfriend of Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters) collection. So I decided to make some mashups and tracks restricting myself to her bag of records as source material/starting point. While listening to some of them, I saw someone running down the street wearing baggy spandex shorts." -Kotchy

Kotchy 'Baggy Spandex Mixtape' (Direct Link/Zipped File)

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