Cinder Cone by tippermusic

I remember being at the anti-WMC party in Miami like it was yesterday when Fuel records and the Schematic family got together to throw an all out BASS-tasia.Tipper was early on in his career producing what, at the time, was known as Nu-skool Breaks-although if you ask me, listening to those Fuel releases now they sound more like the precursor to the massive bass movement that continues to evolve even today. They even had two Dodge Charger's in front of the venue with sound systems pushing sub-bass towards the entrance of the venue.

Since then, nearly a decade has passed it seems Dave Tipper has matured to a more 'head music' variety of sonics using his intricate production skills to craft songs that make you ponder more than pounce.

The full length album 'Broken Soul Jamboree' November 15th with physical copies due in early 2011.

Here's an album sampler to stream ::
Broken Soul Jamboree - Album Revue by tippermusic

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