MartyParty 'Los Angeles'

MartyParty is also one half of the duo PANTyRAID who will be dropping by New Orleans next Saturday @ The Howlin Wolf c/o Simple Play Productions.

While PANTyRAID tends to walk the line of ghetto bass, ragga echoes and vibrating synths- MartyParty is gentle and pulsing.


MartyParty to Release SKUKUZA
Debut EP In Stores December 14, 2010

MartyParty 'Los Angeles' (via Sendspace)

The full tracklisting of SKUKUZA is as follows:

1. Chelsea Hotel
2. It’s Complicate
3. Loud Mouth
4. Los Angeles
5. Skukuza
6. Trinity


Egyptrixx 'Bible Eyes' (Night Slugs)

Egyptrixx 'Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)' (320 KBPS) (Direct link via XLR8R)

I just received the promo copy of 'Bible Eyes'- the full length offering from Egyptrixx due out on Night Slugs Feb. 9, 2011.

This album is on par with some of my recent favorites: Untrue, Crooks & Lovers, CMYK EP, ESKMO...

It does what long players from electronic producers do. It invents a journey. A nook in your aural catalogue to be shelved gently and specifically so as not to be forgotten. The type of album you eventually seek out on double LP.

Night Slugs has been on my must listen list for quite some time now and my ears continue to reap the benefits of this choice.

This album is worth the wait.

But if you come check out any of my upcoming DJ sets you're sure to hear quite a few tracks.

“Bible Eyes”

1 – “Start From The Beginning”
2 – “Bible Eyes”
3 – “Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)”
4 – “Liberation Front”
5 – “Naples”
6 – “Rooks Theme”
7 – “Recital (A Version)”
8 – “Fuji Club (feat. Trust)”
9 – “Barely”
10 – “Recital (B Version)”

Egyptrixx - Start from the Beginning from Datdatdat / A. N. Fischer on Vimeo.

He will be on tour throughout 2011. Be on the look out.

Baths Headlining N. American Tour

Look at this kid (and I do mean kid-he's like 21), Baths makes lovingly crafted songs of innocence and broken hearts. His music has folklore woven within every click, pop and echo of lyric. I am continually impressed by this generation of late teens and early 20's making music today. It makes me feel as though the generation prior-basically my generation-freaked over the bizarre music of labels like Warp, Planet Mu, Rephlex, Schematic etc. for good reason.

What will my children think of my music collection when they're 20? It's going to be fun to find out.

Check out Baths on his first headlining tour starting on Feb. 4, 2011 in Dallas. It would be nice if we could get him to stop by NoLA.

Hmmm. Let's see what we can do.

Tour Dates:
2/4 The Nightmare, Dallas, TX
2/5 The Mohawk, Austin, TX
2/7 The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
2/8 Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL
2/9 New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC
2/10 Duke University Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC
2/11 Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
2/12 Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY
2/13 Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA
2/16 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
2/17 Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
2/18 Il Motore, Montreal, QC
2/21 Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH
2/22 The Canopy, Urbana, IL
2/23 Gabe's, Iowa City, IA
2/24 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
2/25 Der Rathskellar at the University of Wisconsin Union Directorate, Madison, WI
2/26 Subterranean, Chicago, IL
3/1 Chop Suey, Seattle, WA
3/2 Hollocene, Portland, OR
3/4 Rickshaw Shop, San Francisco, CA
3/5 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA

Baths "Pop Song" (via Stereogum)

Anticon Records

Rock It Science Laboratories

My boy Eric Sharp has been holding it down in SF for some time now. Over the last couple years he's developed his own label- Rock It Science putting out some serious jack tracks, wobble thump and crunk step around. He's offering up a handful of their releases so far for FREE. So DJs get with it and enjoy. (None DJs welcome to download and enjoy also.)

DJ Fame vs. Eric Sharp 'Wiggle Room'

Original Mix
Santiago & Bushido Mix
Trill Bass Mix
Andrew Phelan Synth Mix

Native Intelligence 'Peak Time'

Original Mix
Sunshine Jones Extended Disco Version



Matt Tolfrey and Christopher Sylvester bring us to all our 'hand raising' glory with their latest single from Rekids, 'Almost There.' This feels like one of those tracks that will be pumping out of every other venue during WMC in March. It also makes me remember my days out in Chicago at spots like Slicks and Red No. 5- just out on a Tuesday or Wednesday night jacking to House music until the wee hours.

Listen to the track in full below:



Elk & Shape Up Records

Elk is one of those producers that only comes around every so often. He has the ability to meld so many different style within one track it's alarming only one producer is the brain child of such music. There are notes of avant-pop, tropicalia, shoe gaze and beyond-and that's only what I pick up from a first listen.

His first offering was a four-track EP, 'Honey Range' released on Elk's own label, Shape Up Records back in 2009. You can pick up the entire EP @ 320 kbps via his BandCamp page here.

Feb. 15, 2011 will see the release of his first full length, 'Let's Get Married'-also to be released on Elk's label.

Check out a track from the upcoming release below.

Elk 'Volleyball' (Direct Link)

The album will be released digitally and on cassette. A format return I still find quite funny except that most of my peers who grew up listening to cassette probably drive older cars that have decks in them.

The album will find vinyl release eventually as well. The format I most likely will pick up.

Girl Talk 'All Day' (Illegal Art)

One of the best DJs that is not a DJ has recently dropped his fifth album for free via Illegal Art.

Download it for FREE via his site.


Mexicans With Guns 'Dame Lo' (Video)

I wish I could live in the world that was created for this video. I just love Mexicans With Guns.

Go like him on the FB here.


Beep 'City of the Future'

Abstract excursions against painted backdrops of composition infinity.

BEEP 'Wolf Pantalones (feat. Merrill Garbus from Tune-Yards)' (Direct Link)

City of the Future
Out January 18th, 2011 on Third Culture

P.U.D.G.E. 'Dorothy Looks Crazy'

Buy P.U.D.G.E. album 'PUDGESNACKS VOL​.​2 "I Didnt know​!​!​! U Rap​?​?​?​" via Bandcamp for $7.

The album features Sum, Voice, Malkovich and Chris Clarke, and production from Dibia$e, Samiyam, Ras G and more. Pudge is an integrated member of the Los Angeles' beat scene as a regular selector at famed L.A. weekly Low End Theory.

Glimmers 'Whomp That Sucker' (Gomma)

Over three years ago I DJed with Glimmers at the now closed NYC venue APT. The basement of the venue was so small. Like maybe 40 people small but was equipped with a Funktion 1 sound system! One of the best sound system designs in the world to say the least. Glimmers are an amazing pair of DJs and have continued to evolve as producers as well. They recently released a new studio full length via Gomma-one of the best labels for Neo-Punk Funk, Indie Dance and Disco. The new album 'Whomp That Sucker' carries on both the Glimmers and Gomma legacy.

Pick up the new album via Juno and check out the free DJ mix they created for the site below.

Buy Glimmers 'Whomp That Sucker!' (Gomma) via Juno.

Exclusive Glimmers DJ Mix for Juno (Direct Link)


1. Intro
2. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World
3. Admiral Freebee – Hippie Ain’t Hip (DJ Harvey Remix)
4. AC/DC – Squealer (Afro Jackson Edit)
5. Munk – La Musica
6. Unknown – Unknown
7. The Glimmers – Whomp That Sucker
8. HAL 9000 – Interlude
9. Nakion – Osaka Tom
10. The Swiss – Bubble Bath (Glimmers Plastic Edit)
11. The Glimmers – Beats In Space
12. Bobby O – She Has A Way (instrumental)
13. Idjut Boys – Noid
14. The Golden Filter – Thunderbird (Villa Remix)
15. Mr Oizo – Sucer Danser


Montage One "Gather Round visually feat. Dilated Peoples, Gold Chain Military"

How can you not love this video?

Montage One Dot Com

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo "Man In Charge (Feat. Tilson)"

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo "Man In Charge (Feat. Tilson)" (Direct Link)

Bizarre to say the least, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo continue to defy preconceived concepts in music with this little 'remix' of their latest single 'Man In Charge.' Seattle MC Tilson jumps on the mic and lends a little lyrical help to Brent's brooding Baritone. Lovely and as I've already said, bizarre.

B.A.R. is currently on tour.

11/10 Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff AZ
11/11 Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas NV
11/12 Doll Hut, Anaheim CA
11/14 Mt. Tabor Theater, Portland OR
12/4 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA

Brent Amaker Website
Spark & Shine Records


Steve Arrington + Dam Funk + Stones Throw

Taken from the Stones Throw website.

Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk "I Be Trippin" by stonesthrow

Former Slave frontman Steve Arrington is working on an album produced entirely by Dam-Funk, to be released next year on Stones Throw – read the story by PB Wolf below.

One of my early Steve Arrington moments was in 1981. I used to record songs from the radio to cassette and “Snapshot” by Slave was my favorite that year. I’d ride my bike playing the tape with one arm on a boom box so the world could hear me. (Probably illegal these days). I had the 45, but the version I taped from the radio was longer with the extended ending that I couldn’t find in San Jose.

Slave was always one of my favorites and the first day I met Dam-Funk, he told me he had a bootleg DVD of their performance on the Don Kirshner show. In all my video hunting, I had no idea that existed. Dam gave me the DVD and we stayed in touch ever since. Much of my youth was spent hearing their songs (and Steve Arrington’s solo songs), but I had never seen them perform live or otherwise. They didn’t do music videos and there was no youtube of their shows. Still isn’t.

Steve’s solo stuff after he left the group went yet another direction, integrating jazz, soul, and gospel, but he kept the funk edge as well and his stretching out seemed to give his songs a sense of more meaning than his earlier stuff. Dam cites “Nobody Can Be You” as the song that made him feel OK about being his own person and not giving into peer pressure or following others.

Fast forward to 2009 and Dam decides to attempt to get a hold of Steve. He and I talked about trying to collaborate with Steve, but I was skeptical. I mean, Steve left the music industry by his own choice in the 80’s and never looked back. His songs have been redone by Snoop, Jay Z, Tribe Called Quest, NWA, etc, yet no contemporary artist was able to pull Steve out of retirement, so how were we going to? Dam didn’t focus on that. He found Steve on the internet, then got him on email and eventually on the phone. Soon, we were on a conference call with him. It’s one I’ll never forget. For starters, Steve knew more about the current underground music scene than I would’ve guessed. He was telling me about Ras G and Aphex Twin, etc etc. He’s into ALL kinds of music, new and old. Big Sun Ra fan and mentioned Miles and Thelonious too (like Dilla and Madlib have to me in the past too). Steve told me he had the Quasimoto album on repeat and that it reminded him of a movie. He was down for James Pants too. Finally someone “from the old school” who really gets it. You can’t put Steve in a box. At that point, I knew working with him would be a good match.

Our initial plan was to do a single with Steve so we sent him a bunch of Dam’s instrumentals to potentially write and record to. Steve still lives in Dayton, OH where he’s been off and on his whole life. He was churning out songs left and right in his home studio, so the idea for just a single went out the window real quick. Steve and Dam have recorded 14 songs together so far via sending stuff back and forth (like we did for the Jaylib and Madvillain albums). Steve, Dam, and I all agreed it would be cool to get the two of them in the studio at the same time to interact for a song live for at least one song.

Steve is also now OK with performing his older songs live, but he’s equally, if not more, interested in creating and performing new songs. He did both during his LA mini-tour, performing 4 shows in 3 days. The trip had a lot of highlights for me personally and thankfully we filmed 8 hours of it. Watching him interact with people as varied as A Tribe Called Quest (who were ironically practicing for Rock The Bells next to the studio we were in) to Foster Sylvers (who came to Quik’s Groove) to Miles Davis’s nephew made it fun for me to be the fly on the wall for the journey.

When we first booked his flight, I wondered if we’d have enough “productive” stuff for him to do in the 5 days he was here, but the opposite was the case. We had to cram to fit it all in. The 13 minute “We Got It” he recorded with Teen Inc and Dam in the studio was pretty unbelievable too. This was done with no plan from any of them and video cameras and still cameras shining in their face, yet they pulled off something special. After they finished recording it, my instinct was to shorten it, but now I’m not too sure. “Rappers Delight” was 15 minutes, right?


Kotchy 'Sometimes I Get Down' Video

Kotchy - Sometimes I Get Down from Kotchy on Vimeo.

This video is downright trippy. Beware if you just hit the bowl.

His tracks seemingly belong in a genre all their own. Waves off classical, hip hop boom bap and electronics combine with his vocals to take you to a world unexplored. I'm really looking forward to this full length.

Kotchy's upcoming full length 'TWO' will be released 2/1/11 on Done Right Recordings.


1. Sometimes I Get Down
2. Getaway
3. Good Luck
4. I Left New York
5. Helicopter
6. Coffee Breath Kisses
7. Anywhere
8. Don't Go
9. Work It Out
10. What Have I Done With My Life
11. Coin Collectors
12. Bandwagon
13. New Addiction
14. Care Free
15. We Don't Need A Crowd


If you're a music geek to a high degree you're familiar with what is referred to as Italian Library music. Basically music composed for television and film that was either extremely rare or perhaps was never used. Asthmatic Kitty has been producing a series of their own that share a lot in common with the Italian versions of yore. Check out the two most recent releases from William Ryan Fritch and Comic Wow (Feathers + John McEntire).

"Music For Honey and Bile"
Volume 9 of Asthmatic Kitty Library Catalog series
out October 26, 2010
Listen to the album before you buy.

William Ryan Fritch 'When The Ground Is Numb' (Direct Link)

"Music For Mysteries of Mind Space and Time"
Volume 10 of Asthmatic Kitty Library Catalog series
out October 26, 2010
Listen to the album before you buy.

Comic Wow 'Jazz Computer' (Direct Link)


Cinder Cone by tippermusic

I remember being at the anti-WMC party in Miami like it was yesterday when Fuel records and the Schematic family got together to throw an all out BASS-tasia.Tipper was early on in his career producing what, at the time, was known as Nu-skool Breaks-although if you ask me, listening to those Fuel releases now they sound more like the precursor to the massive bass movement that continues to evolve even today. They even had two Dodge Charger's in front of the venue with sound systems pushing sub-bass towards the entrance of the venue.

Since then, nearly a decade has passed it seems Dave Tipper has matured to a more 'head music' variety of sonics using his intricate production skills to craft songs that make you ponder more than pounce.

The full length album 'Broken Soul Jamboree' November 15th with physical copies due in early 2011.

Here's an album sampler to stream ::
Broken Soul Jamboree - Album Revue by tippermusic