My Dry Wet Mess (Magical Properties)

(handcrafted cover art by Martin Allais)

1. LA No-Brainer
2. Diagonal People
3. Yesterday Forever
4. Etcetera
5. Good Boy
6. Something That Needs Nothing
7. Where
8. Dysfunctional Behaviours
9. Disappointing Patterns
10. Yours Truly
11. The Sleeping Beauty

My Dry Wet Mess will release his full length 'Irrational Alphabet' on October 26th via Daedelus' imprint Magical Properties.

My Dry Wet Mess 'Etcetera' (Direct Link via Pitchfork)

Playful synths and skittering beats that cause you to smile no matter how hard you try not to. A soundtrack for the video game of your life to say the least. Cinematic and perfect for all those craving outward sounds. Giovanni Civitenga is one to watch.

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