Danuel Tate (Cobblestone Jazz) to release 'Mexican Hotbox' (Wagon Repair)

Danuel Tate 'Mexican Hotbox' (Direct Link)

Wagon Repair has continued to release some of the more intriguing dance music around for some time now. Swirling techno and house thumps with jazz influenced excursions. Danuel Tate, Cobblestone Jazz keyboardist, releases his first full length solo album, 'Mexican Hotbox' in late November-and at no better moment.
Tate proves across the 11 track LP he is not simply a keyboardist, but a composer, a powerful solo producer and a master of morphing various styles and eras.

01. Mexican Hotbox
02. Big Spender
03. If I Want To
04. Careful Mind
05. OK Then
06. California Can Can
07. Shooting Blanks
08. I'll Be Your Whatever
09. Cinnamon Sugar
10. Populatio
11. City Kids

Wagon Repair will release Danuel Tate's Mexican Hotbox on November 22nd, 2010

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