Paul A. Rosales & 'Wonder Wheel Presents Compilation'

As music journalists and bloggers work tirelessly to name the next hot genre budding from some small corner of the globe, all I can ever hear are the echoes of musicians that came before. However, in the same breath, I can also trash a music review that relies too heavily on the 'this band sounds like these guys' version of music journalism.

It's good to know that other people spend time listening to their twee records from the 90's and their Pacific NW lo-fi records from labels like K and Kill Rock Stars. This whole 'glo-fi' and stripped down music movement helps me to trust this guess.

Paul A. Rosales has just released this compilation for FREE. Read what he has to say about it below and go download it for yourself.

"Allow me to present you with my friends. Its all Southern California music here. Besides recording Wonder Wheel, I've recorded and helped produce a number of local bands since 2003. Only now with a larger repertoire and network, the music has coalesced into a bright and happy zone that can't be held back much longer. Some of these names you have heard before, some not at all; either way you will enjoy the lush collection of California dudes and dudettes.

2 songs each from: Tan Dollar, Pearl Harbor / Puro Instinct, Wonder Wheel, Cosmonauts, Muddy Flowers, Dash Jacket, Stellarphone and Moon Pearl.

-Paul A. Rosales"


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