LOGO “La Vie Moderne” (Kitsuné)

LOGO, are one of the newest acts to join the constantly growing roster on Kitsuné. Their press release is full of odd metaphors and nonsense. The only real fact that seems to be conjured throughout is that these two guys are 23 and have a very relaxed opinion of being musicians and producers.

The music is youthful indeed and no surprise coming from the Kitsuné label. However, there's something unique going on here that I honestly can't put my finger on. There's something hidden within the French Touch echoes and Post-Italo samples that make my ears curious as to what the future may hold for LOGO.

The remix package is naturally solid with French Fries & Tony Senghore coming through with their micro-bass driven house. Danton Eeprom delivers a nearly 12 minute remix that beeps and tweaks like a Prins Thomas disco mix except at 125 BPM and filled with some serious bounce. DyE crosses over with a remix falling somewhere between classic Trax era Acid rolls and new school Black Meteoric Star style 808 pulses. Gohan rounds out the four guest remixes with an after hours sprawl that would feel as right played 20 years ago or right now.

The entire E.P. will be released digitally and on 12" on August 30th.

1: Junocide
2: Junocide remix
3: La Vie Moderne remix
4: La Vie Moderne
+ Digital release remixes
5: La Vie Moderne DyE remix
6: La Vie Moderne GOHAN “Will- O’-The -Wisp” remix
7: La Vie Moderne DANTON EEPROM remix
8: La Vie Moderne French Fries & Tony Senghore remix feat. PiuPiu

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