Jonathan Dueck and Asthmatic Kitty :: "IN TRANSIT presents: 16mm"

20 short, hand-painted 16mm films painted by Jonathan Dueck and soundtracked in collaboration with I Heart Lung, Chad VanGaalen, DENEIR, and Son Lux.

The 16mm source material was given to Dueck by the Calgary Science Centre which deemed the old documentary reels obsolete. The films were scratched and damaged. Dueck created five unique films for each of the 4 collaborating artists who reacted to the visuals with sonics appropriate to each piece.

Funding for this project was made possible with the help of the Canada Council for the Arts and generous donations through Kickstarter.

About Jonathan Dueck:
Since Jonathan Dueck has graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2001 he has been creating, sharing, and participating in collaborative/interactive art that uses and re-uses ordinary objects, materials, and circumstances to help others to see their world differently.

What started as a practice focused around IN TRANSIT: a portable gallery, which was a gallery with regular programming that existed inside a small red suitcase, quickly expanded into a web-based "school" called the IN TRANSIT Centre for Creative Observation where participants were invited to complete monthly assignments that were regularly posted on the web page.

Since then, IN TRANSIT has presented a performance tour with Berkeley, CA musician Half-Handed Cloud, a two month long tea party performance, a series of "world record" prints, album covers, posters, peep box dioramas, a series of drawings based around TV viewing habits, and now a 16 mm film project.

The common thread in all of Dueck's work is collaboration. Whether it is collaboration with other artists, record companies, or viewers themselves nearly all of his work has involved other people.

Denier 'In Transit' Untitled

Son Lux 'In Transit' Untitled

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Asthmatic Kitty

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