Blamma! Blamma! 'Beyond 17'

A few years ago I signed a track from Blamma! Blamma! for the Blog compilation series I helped to create for Coco Machete imprint Buzzard Gulch. The track was called 'Only Friend,' a serious punk electro romper. Check out the compilation 'It Came From The Blog' here.

Since then the duo unfortunately lost member, Martin Cole, to cancer. Nick DC, the other member, has continued to work through the productions that were unfinished as well as new productions.

'Beyond 17' is quite different from all the other material Blamma! Blamma! have released but still quality in every way. The track is smooth and sensual as it climbs to the inevitable pay off with one of the better hooks written in pop music over the last few decades. Check it out for yourself.

The track will be released on the Cage & Aviary imprint The Walls Have Ears as a tribute to Martin. Cage & Aviary also took a shot at remixing this slice of neo-balearica. Nice!

Blamma! Blamma! 'Beyond 17' (320 kbps / Sendspace)

Blamma! Blamma! 'Beyond 17 (Cage & Aviary Remix)' (192 kbps / Sendspace)

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