Trumans Water

Trumans Water '5-7-10 Split' (YSI)

Seems like today is just going to be flashback central with an old favorite, Trumans Water returning with their first album since 2003. They've been around a long time kids, starting out in 93' when even Filthy was just learning how to ride the pulse of the underground. I must say that being reminded of 'back in the day' fills me with a jolt of energy. Energy before my days of needing an energy drink to help me into late night shows and debauchery. The days when just picking up a new piece of vinyl made me act like pop rocks.

Trumans Water still have it. Guitars that seems to taunt each other, slinky drums and talk-scream vocals. Download their new track above and turn your stereo way up and remember what it was like getting ready for school in the morning with music like this as your soundtrack.

O Zeta Zunis, Trumans Water's 13th proper studio album will be released in August on Asthmatic Kitty.

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