Swahili Blonde

Swahili Blonde 'LeMampatee' (Direct link via TerrorBird)

Swahili Blonde 'Elixor Fixor' (Direct link via TerrorBird)

Without the amazing bonus John Frusciante plays guitar on the debut from Swahili Blonde weren't enough to get me to listen, the album also features violinist Laena Myers-Ionita (The Like), bassist John Taylor (Duran Duran), and multi-instrumentalists Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) & Michael Quinn (Corridor).

This album falls into a sonic space fitting in between 'Wa Wa' and The Mudd Club. There's just so much going on at certain moments to discuss genre comparison would seems fruitless. The album is constantly evolving and morphing, sometimes within seconds. The introduction of rhythms and rattle of each instrument is so free that the record may share as much with Miles as it does Chance and The Contortions. There's Slits and Neu! and violin. Lovely cascades of violin.

Chanting and drum machines and epic moments of nearly cinematic gore.

This music is not for gentle ears but those on the constant search for challenges and discovery.

Nicole Turley, I think I love you.

Swahili Blonde
"Man Meat"
Out 8.3.10 on Manimal Vinyl

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