Spoek Mathambo & 'Township Tech'

If you say to me, 'I just got this new record from Africa' or 'This artist is from Africa'-my response will always be-'play it now.' My love for musicians and music produced in and by the people of Africa grows every year. Whether it's the tripped out space vibes of Sun-Ra or Fela or the chilled vibes of Peter King or the field recordings from library record series-I want it in my ears.

I just returned from a long, nearly 100 degree bike ride in my new home, New Orleans, spending the entire time listening to the latest album to hit my inbox. The heat and sweat was the perfect setting for giving this album a first listen.

From the first time I heard tracks from Sweat.X, PLAYDOE and under his own name-Spoek Mathambo I was hooked. Hooked by the massive sonic span this 24 year old is able to grasp. On his upcoming debut album 'Mshini Wam'(BBE, Release Date: 13 Sept. 2010), Spoek flexes all his talents in production and song-writing from the first sample to the last stuttered beat. Funky, unrelenting and unapologetic, this album is raw. Big club bangers, gutter grit-step, heavy bass minimalism and one of the best club takes on a Joy Division track I've ever heard with 'Control.'

This is what I would consider a 'game changing' type album because the evidence is there in the music- Spoek has Global Awareness, has an energy to create a new progressiveness in how Africa and it's culture are perceived as well as having a pride in the great continents' history.

His music is so global to tag him with a simple genre would defeat his ability. Although Spoek has a name for it-'Township Tech.'

He is not a whisper but, a heat-seeking hiss.

Spoek’s first single release “Mshini Wam b/w Gwababa (Don’t Be Scared)” sees its release on 27 July and features remixes by Schlachthofbronx, DJ Mpula (Batida), Subtitle, Krazy Fiesta, DJ Rashad, Marvy Da Pimp, BBQ, Canblaster and Bara Bröst.

Here's his first video from the album:

SPOEK MATHAMBO & MSHINI WAM - GWABABA (DON'T BE SCARED) from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Download: Spoek Mathambo 'Mshini Wam'

Do not sleep on Spoek Mathambo or any of his alias.

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