Mount Kimbie 'Crooks & Lovers'

From the opening guitar line and baby rattle shuffle beat there's a dream that's just beginning- as your imagination shifts from the confines of life into the world of floating in space and echoed experiences of when you were small.
Mount Kimbie are one of those artists that fit into a small group of musical artists, specifically electronic artists, shaping a sound so unique that nothing has truly ever sounded like them before. Or rather, they transcend the simple 'they sound kind of like this artist and this artist.'
Burial, Boards of Canada, Joy Orbison, James Blake, Aphex Twin- come to mind off the top of my head.
Hotflush, the label responsible for basically the best electronic music hitting my ears these days, marks this release as the labels fourth full length. Although the label has also laid down 25 EPs to date as well.
Scuba and the talent he continues to surround himself with impress increasingly on each release- always unique and always top quality whether for the dance floor or late night blazing with your headphones wrapped tightly around your skull.
Vocal snippets and haunted whispers. Sex synths and bedtime beats. This album is for all the crooks and lovers without doubt. And if you're like me...you're both.

Sample the entire album and more from Hotflush UK @ their YouTube Page

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