Sometimes I wake up in the morning and start plowing through emails and just fall short on finding what would start my day just right. Well this morning this mix from Lopazz for fabric hit the spot like a strong cup of coffee and a Man-Mosa. (Note: Man-Mosa: 1 12 oz. Miller High Life The Champagne of Beers poured into a pint glass, then add 4 oz. good quality Orange Juice, great for hangovers or just a refreshing beverage in the middle of a hot Summer day.)

This mix it too cool, which helps if you live in an area that experiences heavy heat in Summer. I close my eyes listening to this mix and can easily place myself on cool beaches in Europe dancing as the sun sets in the distance.

Currently, Lopazz is working with DJ T. on his upcoming full length. It feels like 'Boogie Playground' came out a decade ago yet still sounds better than 90% of the House full lengths that come out these days.

Today (14 July) marks the release of LOPAZZ new 12" 'NEW DIMENSION' on Get Physical Music with the 80`s superstars "IMAGINATION" as featured guests.

Listen to the single and buy it here.

Lopazz - fabric Promo Mix by fabric

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