Lobisomem "Onze Pedras"

Lobisomem, a.k.a. Brad Loving doesn't make your average electronic music. Within his music exists the energy of a man obsessed with sound whether it be the laughter of children or the howl of an ancient African ceremony-or at least that's what I hear as I listen to his upcoming album "Onze Perdras" set for release on Sept. 14th via Tall Corn Music.

There are as many genres to name-check as there are samples most likely on this album. What I do know is that Brad is a man after my own heart- DJing regularly in Brooklyn (his current home-base and my former) and Chicago (where I also used to live and first truly cut my teeth playing experimental electronic music at art parties before discovering House.) Brad runs the Bird And Whale site which I've covered here before. It's a site for DJ mixes for the most discerning listener hosting not your average 'I'm pretending I'm in a club while I piece together MP3s using Ableton' but, a deep digging site of hardcore record geeks. The site offers DJ mixes from some thirty selectors including many luminaries from groups such as Tortoise, The Eternals, Helado Negro, Savath + Savalas and Yeasayer as well as record collector heavyweights Rob Sevier and Dante Carfanga.

"Onze Pedras" is the result of a trip Brad took to Mali, Africa where he fell in love with the rhythms and rumble of the culture there- all this after quitting his day job and packing up a few possessions and then moving from Chicago-Brooklyn (something I've also done). I feel that the most provocative art is birthed from massive moments of change and exploration in an artist's life. Lobisomem's upcoming album is a perfect example of the result. Pastoral and prowling. Introspective and idiosyncratic. The music of this werewolf is sure to make you howl at the moon.

Lobisomem 'Concussus' (via XLR8R @ 320 kbps)

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