DJ Fame Vs. Eric Sharp 'Wiggle Room'

DJ Fame and I go back a few years now. He was the first American producer to have a track out on Switch's label Dubsided with his single 'Name It X' back in 2006 before most people (ahem, bloggers) knew who Switch was. This was pre-Major Lazer days when only true house heads were following the pre-fidget phenomenon.

Fame played my NYC party Even Further and killed one deep wobble track at a time.

I met Eric Sharp through Fame and we played together at the now defunct NYC party Ruff Club when he was in town from SF.

The boys now work together producing and running Rock It Science Laboratories.

They've been kind enough to give all but one of the tracks from their new EP 'Wiggle Room' for FREE.

Haunting and prowling, 'Wiggle Room' is one for the bangs and sweat of Summer.

Not to mention they've enlisted a wide variety of dope mixes including a journey into Dubstep with a remix from Trillbass, a SF deep tech swagger from Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane and some Chicago style jack from Santiago & Bushido.

Wiggle Room (Original Mix) by RISLabs

Wiggle Room (Santiago & Bushido Remix) by RISLabs

Wiggle Room (Trillbass Remix) by RISLabs

Wiggle Room (Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane Strip Mix) by RISLabs

Rock It Science Labs

DJ Fame

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