Dam-Funk 'A(nother) Day At The Carnival (Sahy Uhns' Cosmic Songbird RMX)'

Proximal Records 1/2 label boss, Sahy Uhns takes Dam Funk's track and runs it through a fathomless process into electronics unknown.

Dam-Funk 'A(nother) Day At The Carnival (Sahy Uhns' Cosmic Songbird RMX)' (Direct Link via The Fader)

The labels debut, a compilation, 'Proximity One: Narrative of a City', will be released on August 10th. A great primer for the label and for all you beat heads out there.

Track List
1. Benedek - Laser Forest
2. Dam-Funk - A Day At The Carnival
3. Sahy Uhns - Fire Music
4. TOKIMONSTA - Cigarette Lust
5. Owen Vallis - Trunk
6. Juj - Creep
7. Lawrence Grey - Peaches for the Baby
8. Wake - ButtaBump
9. Shlohmo - Glue Stick
10. Suzuki 8-Ball - Nine-Wing
11. Teebs - Wind Loop
12. Take - Conversations With Yesterday
13. Deadwaiter & Eli Walks - VI
14. BearClaw - Robotrimpin
15. Denny Denny Breakfast - Sea Water
16. Daedelus - Off Angles Edges
17. Dr. Strangeloop - Strange Utopia
18. [Post-Foetus] - Chasms

And if you live in the LA area...

Los Angeles!!!
Proximity One: Narrative of a City Release Party

8/5 at the Echo
1822 West Sunset Boulevard

Friends of Proximal:

Proximal Crew:
Lawrence Grey
Sahy Uhns

Find out more on Proximal Records here.


Future Bass 12" Feat. Four Tet & Mala (Soul Jazz)

Double-header single featuring Four Tet and Mala (Digital Mystikz) out now on Soul Jazz Records!

'Return II Space' by Digital Mystikz and 'There Is Love In You' by Four Tet have both been in Heavy Filthy rotation for the last six months or so. Having both of these Post-Everything producers on a split twelve inch gives me chills.

The 12" is a primer for the new compilation series Soul Jazz Records has invented to cover what they're calling 'Future Bass' which makes sense in the current movement of Post-Dubstep, Post-House, Post-well-Everything.' I'm really enjoying the movement towards talking about how music actually sounds rather than what label we can place on it or who it sounds like.

When released the album will feature Four Tet, Mala, Untold, Black Chow (Kevin Martin AKA The Bug’s latest project), Coki and loads more all-exclusive new tracks put together for this album.

Sample and Buy the single here.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I'm a geek in a leather jacket. A bad boy with no real criminal record-perhaps I'm too good at being bad I rarely get caught.

While watching 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' I found myself involved less with my love for comic books and being a music nerd but, instead, wondering if I am more Scott Pilgrim or perhaps one of the 'Evil Ex's.' An 'evil ex' because they had run their course for a girl, a girl who admits to her faults, but all the same a girl who dumped them. Pretty deep thoughts to say the least watching a film filled with big 'POWS,' Video Game style point injections and fight sequences on par with major multi-million dollar action films. The film has heart, simply and an attention to detail often lost on the barrage of 'Indie' style films released these days.

The film is directed by Edgar Wright, collaborator on Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz; two freaking fantastic films that create the fine line between their genre and Indie simplicity.

There really isn't a wasted moment in this film. Every line, every shot and every comic book styled exploding word are executed perfectly. Many films have attempted what this film does so well and have fallen short-Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World receives the rating 'AWESOME' from Filthy.

Get ready to fall in love with Michael Cera all over again as he awkwardly runs, fights and bobs around with a bass guitar. Not to mention Mary Elizabeth Winstead who could be the girl of my dreams anytime.

I can't wait to see this movie again and again and again.

Oh, and on the total music tip, Beck performs all the songs as Sex Bob-OMB, Cera's band in the film. So the soundtrack is one to grab for sure.

August 10th is the projected release date for the soundtrack. Get it here, then.

01 Beck (as SEX BOB-OMB) - We Are SEX BOB-OMB
02 Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
03 Frank Black - I Heard Ramona Sing
04 Beachwood Sparks - By Your Side
05 Black Lips - O Katrina!
06 Broken Social Scene (as Crash and the Boys) - I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad
07 Broken Social Scene (as Crash and the Boys) - We Hate You Please Die
08 Beck (as SEX BOB-OMB) - “Garbage Truck
09 T. Rex - Teenage Dream
10 The Bluetones - Sleazy Bed Track
11 Blood Red Shoes - It’s Getting Boring by the Sea
12 Metric - Black Sheep
13 Beck (as SEX BOB-OMB) - Threshold
14 Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl
15 The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
16 Beck - Ramona (Acoustic)
17 Beck - Ramona
18 Beck (as SEX BOB-OMB) - Summertime
19 Brian LeBarton: Threshold 8 Bit

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet. The film will be released officially in theaters August 13th.


Bot'Ox 'Babylon By Car'

“Babylon By Car” Tracklisting
“Motor City”
“Bearded lady Motorcycle Club”
“Blue Steel” (feat. Anna Jean)
“Crashed Cadillac”
“Tout Passe, Tout Lasse, Tout Casse” (feat. Judy Nylon)
“Babylon By Car”
“Rue de l’Arsenal”
“Car Jacked”
“Tragedy Symphony” (feat. Mark Bogus Kerr)
“Slow Burn” (feat. Mark Bogus Kerr)

This brilliant image is actually the cover. I feel that artwork for albums has become less and less important. I still enjoy making certain I have artwork for all my MP3s. Sometimes the cover is as appropriate and compelling as this cover and the music is no lesser to the art.

Benjamin Boguet (alias Cosmo Vitelli) and Julien Briffaz (half of Tekël) are Bot'Ox.

Call it Synth-Disco, Cosmic Lounge, Robot Lullabies. Call it magical swirls of cascading samples and beats. Wee hour machine funk and early morning video game playing (of the Atari variety). Sprawling tech joints and acid snare rolls.

Don't miss out on this one.

Bot'Ox “Overdrive (Morgan Geist remix)” (Direct Link)

Out October 23rd on I'm A Cliché Records

Coming Soon
“Blue Steel” re-release with remixes from Still Going, Para One & Tacteel, I:Cube + more!

Grum 'Through The Night'

Too bad this is only a music video and not a television series about super gay detectives who catch criminals to 80's throw-back electro pop soundtracks...like Miami Vice...only way more gay. I'm kind of in love with this video. It's simply ridiculous.

Pick up the Grum full length here.

Grand Lake

Out August 10th from Hippies Are Dead

Grand Lake 'Louise (I Live In A Fantasy)' (Direct Link)

Art-rock meets tortured anthem. Can't quite place the influences I'm hearing but, I'm enjoying it either way.


Swahili Blonde

Swahili Blonde 'LeMampatee' (Direct link via TerrorBird)

Swahili Blonde 'Elixor Fixor' (Direct link via TerrorBird)

Without the amazing bonus John Frusciante plays guitar on the debut from Swahili Blonde weren't enough to get me to listen, the album also features violinist Laena Myers-Ionita (The Like), bassist John Taylor (Duran Duran), and multi-instrumentalists Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) & Michael Quinn (Corridor).

This album falls into a sonic space fitting in between 'Wa Wa' and The Mudd Club. There's just so much going on at certain moments to discuss genre comparison would seems fruitless. The album is constantly evolving and morphing, sometimes within seconds. The introduction of rhythms and rattle of each instrument is so free that the record may share as much with Miles as it does Chance and The Contortions. There's Slits and Neu! and violin. Lovely cascades of violin.

Chanting and drum machines and epic moments of nearly cinematic gore.

This music is not for gentle ears but those on the constant search for challenges and discovery.

Nicole Turley, I think I love you.

Swahili Blonde
"Man Meat"
Out 8.3.10 on Manimal Vinyl


Skream 'Freeizm Vol. 3'

August 9th will be heated even more by the release of Skream's sophomore album 'Outside The Box.' To help your appetite for more delicious beats, Skream is offering up 'Freeizm Vol. 3.' I can hardly wait to listen myself but had to share first. I'm downloading now and you can do the same below.

Skream 'Freeizm Vol. 3' (Sendspace Download Link)

Mount Kimbie 'Crooks & Lovers'

From the opening guitar line and baby rattle shuffle beat there's a dream that's just beginning- as your imagination shifts from the confines of life into the world of floating in space and echoed experiences of when you were small.
Mount Kimbie are one of those artists that fit into a small group of musical artists, specifically electronic artists, shaping a sound so unique that nothing has truly ever sounded like them before. Or rather, they transcend the simple 'they sound kind of like this artist and this artist.'
Burial, Boards of Canada, Joy Orbison, James Blake, Aphex Twin- come to mind off the top of my head.
Hotflush, the label responsible for basically the best electronic music hitting my ears these days, marks this release as the labels fourth full length. Although the label has also laid down 25 EPs to date as well.
Scuba and the talent he continues to surround himself with impress increasingly on each release- always unique and always top quality whether for the dance floor or late night blazing with your headphones wrapped tightly around your skull.
Vocal snippets and haunted whispers. Sex synths and bedtime beats. This album is for all the crooks and lovers without doubt. And if you're like me...you're both.

Sample the entire album and more from Hotflush UK @ their YouTube Page

Kyle Andrews

KANGAROO EP Tracklisting:
1. You Always Make Me Smile
2. Kangaroo
3. Sushi (Slow Dancing At The Prom Mix)
4. Lov3r
5. Don't Feel Left Out
6. You Always Make Me Smile (Remix!)

Kyle Andrews 'You Always Make Me Smile (Remix!) (Direct Link via TerrorBird)

Apparently this song is being used in a national Holiday Inn commercial. I haven't seen the commercial series yet but, I'm glad I haven't because this song is just pure pop genius. Best suited for road trips and daydreaming about all the fun you've had so far this Summer.
I'd like to personally dedicate this posting to all the people that have always made me smile- although 'always' is a lot of pressure-so this goes out to all the people that love it when they make me smile. Thanks guys.

You Always Make Me Smile dot Com



The sharpest dressed man in the world of Blue-Eyed soul is at it again with another stellar video from his debut album 'A Strange Arrangement.' I'm just putting this out there but, Mayer, please invite me to your next pool party.

Directors: Jackson Perry & Henry DeMaio
Director of Photography: Ross Harris
Producer: Jackson Perry
Editor: Henry DeMaio
Choreographer: Olivia Mia Orozco
Stylists: Alejandra Hernandez & Dani Michelle
Key Makeup Artist: Sarah Bahlibi
Assistant Makeup Artists: Tammy Dube & Diana Kazandjian
Color Correction: Company 3 (Producer: Matt Moran, Colorist: Shane Reed)
Production Assistant: Win Bates

Check back soon, as the good folks at LRG (who, by the way, made that custom suit for Mayer) will post some behind the scenes photos & video from the “Easy Lovin'” shoot.

Mayer Hawthorne & The County on Tour:
Jul 21 - Amsterdam @ Paradiso (DJ Set)
Jul 22 - Biarritz @ BIG Festival
Jul 23 - San Sebastien @ Jazzalida
Jul 24 - Pori @ Pori Jazz Festival
Jul 25 - Bitterfield @ Splash! Festival
Jul 26 - Berlin, DJ Set @ Berlin Cassiopeia

Andreya Triana

Andreya Triana "A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix Preview Edit)"

Andreya Triana "Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix Preview Edit)"

Experimental singer/songwriter Andreya Triana is originally from South East London. Her debut album, "Lost Where I Belong" is set for a Sept. 7th release date on the heavyweight label Ninja Tune. The album is produced by Bonobo and her early singles have already gained support from Giles Peterson and Annie Mac on Radio 1.

Andreya's early fervor for music would find her in her bedroom for hours writing poetry, creating mix tapes and recording tracks - using two rickety cassette decks to record harmonies. Her early love of improvised music would contort and reshape with each passing year-aiding to create her 'Freeflo Sessions' - a one woman show using a sampler to loop vocals, percussive sounds and beats live. Her Freeflo Sessions has now traveled worldwide, astonishing audiences with her sonic experiments and stunning poetry.

I highly recommend Andreya for fans of Via Tania, Tiombe Lockhart and all the other ladies out there expanding the sounds of Cosmic-Soul and spaced out RnB grooves. Enjoy the edits of two remixes from Mount Kimbie and Flying Lotus.

Abracada Records

Paris-based Abracada Records is approaching their 5th release out July 26th from one of my favorite producers for a couple years now in the heavy bass genre, MikIX the Cat. These days it seems 'labels' are being thrust further into the shadows even though a digital crate may contain several releases from a label, it may be lost on both crowd and DJ alike. For these reasons, I love being able to cover and showcase a label on my site.

The label has already banged out some of the hottest releases of the last year with original tracks and remixes from Brodinski and Yuksek (as The Krays), Poni Hoax, Villa, MikIX The Cat, The Aikiu, DJ Mehdi, Renaissance Man, Azari & III, Egyptrixx, Kingdom and more.

Sample their releases via the players above and support the underground.

Champagne Soda presents: The Home Page, a video music series

One of my long time friends, Andy, has been working hard on a video music series called 'The Home Page.' THe series has a focus on the often ignored side of creating music- where a musician is from, what their inspirations are and what the process is like from initial songwriting to rehearsal and performance. In a short time the series has already worked with stellar up and coming artists including The Low Anthem, Air Waves and Sail By Night. I give the series an A+ for its attention to detail and it's true school Indie aesthetic which I feel has been lost on the current digital age.

Below are the videos from the series so far. Check them out.

Air Waves -- "Home Page - A Video Music Series" from Champagne Soda on Vimeo.

The Low Anthem -- "Home Page - A Video Music Series" from Champagne Soda on Vimeo.

Sail By Night -- "Home Page - A Video Music Series" from Champagne Soda on Vimeo.

Champagne Soda Website

Champagne Soda Vimeo Page


We Love

Italian duo Giorgia Angiuli and Piero Fragola make hazy and reflective music together under the name WE LOVE. Their music fits in perfectly in the age of electro-pop we're currently living in. Whether you're a fan of The xx or Fever Ray or both this is an album for you. Music that is as easily ignored as pleasant music to dream to or deep in aural heaven with your best pair of cones on- WE LOVE drips with the types of underground pop juices I love. You love. WE LOVE.

Listen to the album sampler here.

WE LOVE 'WE LOVE' will be released Sept. 13th via Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control.

Lobisomem "Onze Pedras"

Lobisomem, a.k.a. Brad Loving doesn't make your average electronic music. Within his music exists the energy of a man obsessed with sound whether it be the laughter of children or the howl of an ancient African ceremony-or at least that's what I hear as I listen to his upcoming album "Onze Perdras" set for release on Sept. 14th via Tall Corn Music.

There are as many genres to name-check as there are samples most likely on this album. What I do know is that Brad is a man after my own heart- DJing regularly in Brooklyn (his current home-base and my former) and Chicago (where I also used to live and first truly cut my teeth playing experimental electronic music at art parties before discovering House.) Brad runs the Bird And Whale site which I've covered here before. It's a site for DJ mixes for the most discerning listener hosting not your average 'I'm pretending I'm in a club while I piece together MP3s using Ableton' but, a deep digging site of hardcore record geeks. The site offers DJ mixes from some thirty selectors including many luminaries from groups such as Tortoise, The Eternals, Helado Negro, Savath + Savalas and Yeasayer as well as record collector heavyweights Rob Sevier and Dante Carfanga.

"Onze Pedras" is the result of a trip Brad took to Mali, Africa where he fell in love with the rhythms and rumble of the culture there- all this after quitting his day job and packing up a few possessions and then moving from Chicago-Brooklyn (something I've also done). I feel that the most provocative art is birthed from massive moments of change and exploration in an artist's life. Lobisomem's upcoming album is a perfect example of the result. Pastoral and prowling. Introspective and idiosyncratic. The music of this werewolf is sure to make you howl at the moon.

Lobisomem 'Concussus' (via XLR8R @ 320 kbps)

Cut Copy 'Where I'm Going'

For the price of an email address you can download Cut Copy's newest track, 'Where I'm Going.'
This is a track for long Summer road trips and days at the beach. The band describes it best as “the kind of track Brian Wilson would've written if he took ecstasy and hung out in 60's London instead of California.” Agreed.

Hand claps and harmonies all the way.

Tour Dates:

7/16 - Lisbon, Portugal @ Super Bock Super Rock
7/17 - Valencia, Spain @ Benicassim Festival
7/18 - London, England @ Lovebox Festival
7/20 - Dublin, Ireland @ Tripod (Moved from Button Factory)
7/22 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso w/ French Horn Rebellion
7/24 - Mamaia, Romania @ Orange Pre Pay Party/H20 Beach
7/25- Warsaw, Poland @ Palladium w/ French Horn Rebellion
7/27 - Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia- SOLD OUT w/ French Horn Rebellion
7/29 - Emmaboda, Sweden @ Emmadoba Festival
7/30 - Arrhus, Denmark @ Train
7/31 - Oslo, Norway @ Rockafeller
8/6 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
8/7 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
8/8 – Brooklyn, NY @ Jelly Pool Party at East River State Park
9/25 – Gold Coast, QLD @ Parklife at Gold Coast Parklands
9/26 – Perth, WA @ Parklife in Wellington Square
10/2 – Melbourne, VIC @ Parklife in The Sidney Myer Music Bowl & Surrounds
10/3 – Sydney, NSW @ Parklife in Kippax Lake/Moore Park
10/4 – Adelaide, SA @ Parklife in Botanic Park


Hesta Prynn

Hesta Prynn 'Can We Go Wrong'

Electro pop girl power fun! Apparently she has a cover of 'Pepper' by The Butthole Suffers out there somewhere.

Live Shows

July 25 - Norfolk VA - The Norva *
July 29 - Burlington VT - Higher Ground *
August 16 - NYC - Mercury Lounge
* = with Tegan and Sara


Matthew Dear: 'Black City' Video Teaser

Matthew Dear - Black City Teaser from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

Matthew Dear 'Soil To Seed' (direct link via Ghostly)

Do the words, 'I can't freaking WAIT' mean anything to you? I feel like this may be his moment to finally step into the full eye of discerning music fans. August 17th can't come quickly enough!

Pre-Order 'Black City' now @ Ghostly.


Sometimes I wake up in the morning and start plowing through emails and just fall short on finding what would start my day just right. Well this morning this mix from Lopazz for fabric hit the spot like a strong cup of coffee and a Man-Mosa. (Note: Man-Mosa: 1 12 oz. Miller High Life The Champagne of Beers poured into a pint glass, then add 4 oz. good quality Orange Juice, great for hangovers or just a refreshing beverage in the middle of a hot Summer day.)

This mix it too cool, which helps if you live in an area that experiences heavy heat in Summer. I close my eyes listening to this mix and can easily place myself on cool beaches in Europe dancing as the sun sets in the distance.

Currently, Lopazz is working with DJ T. on his upcoming full length. It feels like 'Boogie Playground' came out a decade ago yet still sounds better than 90% of the House full lengths that come out these days.

Today (14 July) marks the release of LOPAZZ new 12" 'NEW DIMENSION' on Get Physical Music with the 80`s superstars "IMAGINATION" as featured guests.

Listen to the single and buy it here.

Lopazz - fabric Promo Mix by fabric

DJ Fame Vs. Eric Sharp 'Wiggle Room'

DJ Fame and I go back a few years now. He was the first American producer to have a track out on Switch's label Dubsided with his single 'Name It X' back in 2006 before most people (ahem, bloggers) knew who Switch was. This was pre-Major Lazer days when only true house heads were following the pre-fidget phenomenon.

Fame played my NYC party Even Further and killed one deep wobble track at a time.

I met Eric Sharp through Fame and we played together at the now defunct NYC party Ruff Club when he was in town from SF.

The boys now work together producing and running Rock It Science Laboratories.

They've been kind enough to give all but one of the tracks from their new EP 'Wiggle Room' for FREE.

Haunting and prowling, 'Wiggle Room' is one for the bangs and sweat of Summer.

Not to mention they've enlisted a wide variety of dope mixes including a journey into Dubstep with a remix from Trillbass, a SF deep tech swagger from Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane and some Chicago style jack from Santiago & Bushido.

Wiggle Room (Original Mix) by RISLabs

Wiggle Room (Santiago & Bushido Remix) by RISLabs

Wiggle Room (Trillbass Remix) by RISLabs

Wiggle Room (Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane Strip Mix) by RISLabs

Rock It Science Labs

DJ Fame

We Were So Turned On: A tribute to War Child (Manimal Vinyl)

Out September 14th on Manimal Vinyl.

Official press release:

"A project that began in early 2008 will at last see the light of day and grace itself upon the shelves of record shops across the world. What began as a vague idea of fresh and seasoned artists paying homage to the man who invented the art of reinvention, David Bowie. War Child is a charity that simply helps children affected by war across the globe no matter what border they inhabit. A charity that Bowie makes no secret about supporting. Within a few months Devendra Banhart (Megapuss), Vivian Girls and Carla Bruni all came on board to contribute tracks.

By the summer of 2009, the record had began to take shape when the addition of UK pop legends Duran Duran, ex-Slits Viv Albertine and legendary avant-garde bassist/musician Mick Karn were added to the roster. Manimal friends and alumni's Warpaint, Chairlift and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros came on board by that autumn. With a final tracklisting that is as diverse as it is chameleon-like, just like the thin-white duke himself, We Were So Turned On has something for every Bowie lover.

All proceeds will go to War Child. You can find more info about the charity here.



BONUS TRACKS (iTunes Only)


Dam-Funk 'Hood Pass' Single


A natural progression for California's Dam-Funk. His beats are so oddly cosmic and vintage at the same time it makes perfect sense it's time for some of his instrumentals recive a little lyrical love. On this track he's joined by MC EIHT on vocals. But truth is, Dam really shines all on his own crafting lyrics and vocals that make you want to funk until the break of day.

Dam-Funk for president of our first planetary settlement beyond the Earth.

'You got to keep your hood pass intact...because you never know when you'll have to go back.'

All music produced, written, and performed by Dam-Funk.

Track List
1) Hood Pass Intact (featuring MC Eiht)
2) 4 My Homies (featuring Steve Arrington)
3) How It Be Between U & Me? (co-produced by JT Donaldson and TK)
4) Come On Outside (devonwho instrumental re-edit)

Catch Dam-Funk live this week in Chicago at the Pitchfork Music Fest: Jul. 15 @ Bottom Lounge, and Jul. 17 at the festival, live with Master Blazter, 3:45PM set-time on Balance Stage.

Aloe Blacc 'I Need a Dollar (Live in the Studio)' + 'Good Things'

Stones Throw just can't seem to release anything these days that isn't supremely unique and sonically satisfying. On September 28th, Truth + Soul-produced 'Good Things' by Aloe Blacc will be released. Currently you can hit the Stones Throw site for yourself and stream samples from the entire album to get you extra hyped and pissed you can't have the wax NOW!

I suggest you satiate the hunger by picking up the 'I Need A Dollar' 12" and the 'Femme Fatale' 7" now.

Spoek Mathambo & 'Township Tech'

If you say to me, 'I just got this new record from Africa' or 'This artist is from Africa'-my response will always be-'play it now.' My love for musicians and music produced in and by the people of Africa grows every year. Whether it's the tripped out space vibes of Sun-Ra or Fela or the chilled vibes of Peter King or the field recordings from library record series-I want it in my ears.

I just returned from a long, nearly 100 degree bike ride in my new home, New Orleans, spending the entire time listening to the latest album to hit my inbox. The heat and sweat was the perfect setting for giving this album a first listen.

From the first time I heard tracks from Sweat.X, PLAYDOE and under his own name-Spoek Mathambo I was hooked. Hooked by the massive sonic span this 24 year old is able to grasp. On his upcoming debut album 'Mshini Wam'(BBE, Release Date: 13 Sept. 2010), Spoek flexes all his talents in production and song-writing from the first sample to the last stuttered beat. Funky, unrelenting and unapologetic, this album is raw. Big club bangers, gutter grit-step, heavy bass minimalism and one of the best club takes on a Joy Division track I've ever heard with 'Control.'

This is what I would consider a 'game changing' type album because the evidence is there in the music- Spoek has Global Awareness, has an energy to create a new progressiveness in how Africa and it's culture are perceived as well as having a pride in the great continents' history.

His music is so global to tag him with a simple genre would defeat his ability. Although Spoek has a name for it-'Township Tech.'

He is not a whisper but, a heat-seeking hiss.

Spoek’s first single release “Mshini Wam b/w Gwababa (Don’t Be Scared)” sees its release on 27 July and features remixes by Schlachthofbronx, DJ Mpula (Batida), Subtitle, Krazy Fiesta, DJ Rashad, Marvy Da Pimp, BBQ, Canblaster and Bara Bröst.

Here's his first video from the album:

SPOEK MATHAMBO & MSHINI WAM - GWABABA (DON'T BE SCARED) from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Download: Spoek Mathambo 'Mshini Wam'

Do not sleep on Spoek Mathambo or any of his alias.


Freddie Gibbs 'Playa (Mexicans with Guns Remix)'

Freddie Gibbs 'Playa (Mexicans with Guns Remix)' (Hosted via Pitchfork)

Seems as though my listening for the day is shifting from Indie memories to my growth into a punk thug. Mexicans with Guns has quickly become one of my new favorite producers stretching the boundaries of club music with influences stretching from Mariachi music to Soul Sonic Force style electro. Freddie Gibbs is a part of the Stones Throw family via their imprint Innovative Leisure-so no surprise I am all over this track. Plus, as you know, I'm a playa.

Pick up the 12" via Stones Throw here.

Features edits and remixes from LA's Capski, Bay Area's Trackademicks, San Antonio's Mexicans With Guns, and Chicago's Maker.


I've always had 'love for my hustlers.' Mostly because I am one son. This EP is perfect for cruising around in your car this Summer making every thugs head turn as they try and figure out just what is that s!@# you're kicking. This is music for hipster-hoppers and true school heads alike. Sample filled and familiar-fresh and funky all at the same time. And with tracks with names like 'Vadonna's Mangina'- how can you pass this up? Really?

Head over to the Splatinum Band Camp site and download the six track EP for free.

King Britt 'A Tribute to The Loft'

SNS Podcast No. 10 / King Britt’s Loft Dedication

King Britt remembers his earliest influence to becoming a DJ by making the journey to the legendary Loft in NYC and listening to the heavy sound system and meticulous selections of David Mancuso on the decks. Britt and his Robotique crew recently had a party in Philly as a tribute to The Loft and those magical days. Britt offered up this Loft inspired podcast for free. This is mandatory listening for all, whether you were lucky enough to have danced in that space on Prince Street or just dreamed you have.

Bosco Delrey

Bosco Delrey-Evil Lives by maddecent

One of the newest artists from the Mad Decent camp creates Gospel Bass for the sinners that never want to be saints. His second split single, 'Space Junky / My My Racecar' is out not digitally and includes additional production by Heavy Bass champ Drop The Lime. Ozark style music from a 100 years into the future. The music that will be played at the end of the world fish fry. I want to travel to the space this guys envisions. I'm a space junky baby...

Bosco Delrey-Space Junky by maddecent

Pre-Order 7" single here.

Trumans Water

Trumans Water '5-7-10 Split' (YSI)

Seems like today is just going to be flashback central with an old favorite, Trumans Water returning with their first album since 2003. They've been around a long time kids, starting out in 93' when even Filthy was just learning how to ride the pulse of the underground. I must say that being reminded of 'back in the day' fills me with a jolt of energy. Energy before my days of needing an energy drink to help me into late night shows and debauchery. The days when just picking up a new piece of vinyl made me act like pop rocks.

Trumans Water still have it. Guitars that seems to taunt each other, slinky drums and talk-scream vocals. Download their new track above and turn your stereo way up and remember what it was like getting ready for school in the morning with music like this as your soundtrack.

O Zeta Zunis, Trumans Water's 13th proper studio album will be released in August on Asthmatic Kitty.

Social Studies

Social Studies 'Holler Boys'

Social Studies 'Time Bandit (One AM Radio Remix)'

I'm suddenly 17 years old again listening to Social Studies. I'm bouncing around in my girl friends' beat up Civic driving through the streets of Miami, listening to cassettes- well not just any old cassettes, but, MIX TAPES. These mix tapes were filled with the lovely twee sounds of bands like Velocity Girl, That Dog, The Softies, Tiger Trap, The Blow, Tuscadero...the list goes on. Sometimes some girly Indie pop is all you need to realize the world isn't so bad and that you too once cut your own hair and you didn't have a care in the world because all that mattered was those mix tapes and your girl.

Social Studies debut LP, Wind Up Wooden Heart, is out now on Antenna Farm Records.

July 10th Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA w/ Au Revoir Simone
Aug 7th Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA w/ Maus Haus, 60 Watt Kid, and Montra (Record Release Show)
Aug 13th - Aug 22nd West Coast US Tour (details TBA soon)

Learn more about Social Studies at their website.

Antenna Farm Records

Fol Chen 'The Holograms'

Fol Chen 'The Holograms'

Tangled pop melodies and stuttered pitched vocals from a group that disguises their identities to make the music we'll listen to when there's life on Mars- Music that could be made in the underground villages of mossy hills covered in dew.

They're second full length album, Part II: The New December, came out July 6th on Asthmatic Kitty Records. Be sure to catch their magical mystery live now, also with support from new Filthy favorite Baths on a few dates.

07/06 Los Angeles, CA The Echo
07/07 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
07/09 Seattle, WA Sunset Tavern
07/10 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
07/11 Vancouver, BC Media Club
08/03 New York, NY Mercury Lounge *
08/04 Brooklyn, NY Union Pool *
08/05 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's *

* = w/ Baths

Fol Chen Website (where you can download their 'In Ruins EP' for Free99)


James Pants : New Tropical

James Pants "Driftwood" (Direct link via Stones Throw)

A flash of a track from Stones Throw artist James Pants. 'Drfitwood' is a bass heavy digi-dancehall boom bap of a track from his 6-track release "New Tropical" out now. Love the artwork.

Buy it here on Vinyl or MP3.