Son Lux 'Weapons VII' Video

WEAPONS VII - Son Lux (Official Video) from anticon. on Vimeo.

I wish I could be at Prospect Park in Brooklyn for his performance on July 1st for Celebrate Brooklyn! If you're in my old neighborhood I suggest you check Son Lux out.

The director of this video, Landis Smithers had this to say about creating the video and working with Son Lux and his music...

"Working with Son Lux was an amazing creative experience. I immersed myself in multiple iterations of "weapons", and found myself coming back again and again to the idea that we all use outward appearances as a form of protection against the world, separating ourselves from life and conflict with defenses constructed from our own desires and self-image. Working with my team, we created before and after "dream" states for the models, reflecting how we are in some ways most beautiful when we are defenseless (without our weapons) and in some ways most frightening when we are "safe" (concealed behind our masks). In the end, we cross the lines between self and self-creation often, and rarely let anyone in. Son Lux's music haunts me, and this piece is an expression of how deeply his insights and inspirations have affected me."

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