John Hancock Solo Album

One of the most gifted musicians I've had the pleasure of knowing has released his solo album, 'Antenna Death.' For those new to my blog and unfamiliar with John Hancock, he's the lead singer of Miami-based band, ANR (Awesome New Republic). John can lay it down from Prince style sex jams to Animal Collective type dirges. He's one of the most unique and gifted songwriters around and I suggest you sink your ears into his growing body of work.

Not Scared At All from Jorge Rubiera on Vimeo.

The album is available on limited edition recycled vinyl from St. Ives Records and most digital retailers.

Download 2 free tracks from the album below:

John Hancock 'Not Scared At All' (320 kbps)

John Hancock 'Wet Added' (320 kbps)

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