Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree family

Tahiti Boy aka David Sztanke, spent quite a few years in New York where he was able to collaborate with Mike Ladd, Antipop Consortium and TV on the Radio.

He has since moved back to France where Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family was birthed.

Their music is equal parts psychedelic pop and fractured echoes of songs you feel like you've heard before.

After a European release their debut album 'Good Children Go To Heaven' has now been released in the US via Third Side.

1. 1973
2. When I speak
3. That Song Feat. Tunde Adebimpe
4. Blood In Your Eyes
5. Not Only For The Weekend
6. Sparkle
7. Time
8. You Make Me Blush
9. When I Miss You
10. Who Knows
11. Brooklyn
12. Holiday School Program
13. Bees and the Birds *
14. Learning *
15. Andy's Suite *
16. 1973 (Para One Remix) *

* Bonus Tracks US Edition only

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