Bobby Conn

One of the nastiest live performers I've ever encountered. The closest to Johnny Rotten or Black Flag era Rollins I feel I will ever witness. Yet not because of any violence he'd choose to cause but instead the quirk and sex of life. Although, I wouldn't want you to confuse the fact that there is indeed violent quirks and the other is just obvious.

My love for Bobby Conn goes back to around 2001 when I first heard his album 'The Golden Age.' Call it modern glam, call it punk vaudeville-I call it a most have.

I also listened to his 1997 self-titled debut today-I suggest you get some Bobby Conn in your life pronto kid. (Especially those guys who used to wear eyeliner and listen to less Manson than he did Tones On Tail.)

Bobby Conn MySpace
Do people really visit MySpace pages anymore?

Here's a few choice clips from YouTube (a place people will always go, I guess) of Sir Bobby Conn doing his thing. Put some eyeliner on too while you're at it.

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