Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon are Los Angeles-based production duo Ammoncontact.

I have been a collector of their music since I picked up "Beats From Bina's House" in 2002 released on Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73's label Eastern Developments.

Today I was listening to their Ninja Tune debut "New Birth." I own all of these said releases on vinyl, I suggest you do the same.

If you're in need of uplifting beatscapes and meanderings please seek these guys out.

Friends for over 10 years, Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon consider themselves musical kindred spirits. Writer/arranger/producer/musician/DJ Nino is very busy in the music world with his projects The Life Force Trio, Build An Ark, Hu Vibrational, Go: Organic Orchestra, The Sound Of L.A. and Spaceways Radio, but he has always made his way back to home-base with Ammoncontact to focus on reaching a hip-hop audience. Ammon stays busy in his home studio making beats and taking care of his young son. Together, the two find time to share ideas and add to each other’s individual tracks. Nino is the primary producer and conceptual mind behind the Ammoncontact releases but the unique sound comes from the support, encouragement and creative input of Ammon, too.

Ammoncontact Discogs

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