Son Lux "Weapons EP" (Anticon)

The classically trained composer Son Lux who creates music for both Dance companies and the avant-blip-hop Anticon imprint uses 'Weapons' from his critically acclaimed full length "At War With Walls And Mazes" as the source material for six new and unique interpretations.

The EP features co-production from Polyphonic, Alias and classical composer Nico Muhly.

Dreamy and delicate. Simple and graceful vocals. A beautiful addition to your listening rotation during this white cold season. I love when the rap kicks in half way through the Alias mix- it is at first odd in the spectrum of the EP but makes perfect sense a few seconds after it starts.

Put down all your weapons people.

Son Lux 'Weapons III' (via XLR8R)

Son Lux 'Weapons V' (via TerrorBird)

Weapons II Video:

Son Lux - WEAPONS II from anticon. on Vimeo.

video by Joshua Ott/superDraw

Son Lux MySpace

Anticon Website

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