Markus Nikolai 'Kiss Your Mind'

I'm now back to making weekly trips to the record store. I am burnt on bit rates.

Grabbed the most recent 12" from Perlon co-founder Markus Nikolai. The A-side 'Kiss Your Mind' is a whirling hiccup funk number with the goofy vocals that you can expect from the Perlon crew. The female guest vocalist may sound familiar to any house heads out there. Her name is Clair Dietrich and she lent vocals to Nikolai's first major hit, 'Bushes' which was remixed by everyone from Derrick Carter to Doc Martin. The B-side is equally heavy with a lazy guitar line and another alien vocal sample. A must have for true fans of minimal tech house thump.

This twelve also marks the first output from Nikolai in nearly five years. Worth the wait.

Perlon Page @ Resident Advisor.

I do my weekly shopping at Halcyon in DUMBO. Best record shop in NYC for tech heads.

If you're not in the NYC area pick up a copy for yourself @ Phonica.

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