e.p. hall

e.p. hall is the dark folk brainchild of e.p., who creates thinky, creepy, guitar-and electrobuzz songs along with her musical partner in crime, Andy Goheen. The project has been described as having a “…haunting vocal style and unique fingerpicked
guitar combined with…warm and engaging keyboards and effects to create beautifully mournful songs”. Much of the content of e.p. hall’s songs emanates from a preoccupation with philosophy and psychological science, and each one is strung through with symbols, word games, and a tangible emotional intensity.

I feel this will really appeal to fans of Neko Case or Beth Orton.

Here's the title track from their new album 'Mommy Crow' out now on IFF-Transponder records (UK).

e.p. hall 'Mommy Crow'

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